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Good pregnancy books? Lock Rss

Thanks ladies for all information I was about to go on and ask the same question. I am another first time mum who is excited, scared and not really sure what's ahead of me !!
I am finding Sheila Kitzinger's 'The New Pregnancy & Childbirth' to be fabulous. It's a couple of years old now but has not dated and is available for download from Apple iBooks. It provides balanced and evidence based information that encompasses the more hippy dippy stuff, while acknowledging that cesareans and medical interventions are sometimes necessary (and importantly, it does this without any of the guilt nor accusatory language that other natural birth advocates generally adopt.

Very UNhelpful: 'Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor's Guide to Natural Childbirth' by Dr Sarah Buckley. Unless you want a laugh - in which case read the passage in which the author details how her children can recount to her their memories of crawling out of her birth canal - it is unintentionally hilarious smile
Forgot to add that Kaz Cooke's 'Up the Duff' remains a classic! Definitely worth rustling up a secondhand copy from somewhere.
Here is the list of books to read during pregnancy. Check it once
Hey LaLa! I am also interested in different books, magazins and sites to get prepared for a pregnancy. I prefer to trust medical resourses where you can leave a question. It is quite useful and you can find more answers in a short time. The last sourse about made me feel calm about labor as I am really scared

Up the duff is a classic read, funny & well researched. Easy to connect to. My constant companion in my first pregnancy.

For Birthing, Juju sundin - Birth Skills. I used these techniques for delivering both my children. Changed the way I thought about childbirth. Awesome book.

For Morning Sickness: Morning Sickness Survival Guide by Lisa McAully. It's a short guide, practical and reassuring. You can get it on amazon or The site has some great stuff on it too. Written by a Brisbane Mum.
This e-book was the best for me. It's short and it's funny. It shouldn't be the only one you read, but it sure should be on of it!
These two books are good and I'm sure everyone has read this:
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
What to Expect When You're Expecting
and I would highly recommend this course too Health education for antenatal mother
I LOVE the 'What to Expect book' and I'm going to order the 'made with love' pregnancy journal
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