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Labour and birth booklet/guide Lock Rss

Hello mummas (and papas!),
During my antenatal classes at Frankston Hospital I recieved an amazingly useful and informative booklet all about labour and birth. It detailed info (pros and cons for mum & bub) on all the pain relief available, possible medical intervention, as well as labouring positions, stages and even stuff on pregnancy too.
My friend is pregnant at the mo' and isn't planning on doing the classes. I really wanted to give her my booklet coz I found it so useful but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere!!! Argh!!! I can't even remember what it was called. I was hoping someone out there knows what it's called so I can track it down for her. It has a drawing of a baby's face in the front and the picture and font is pink. It's called something like "A Guide To Labour and Birth for Mothers" and there's a blue one for fathers (but we weren't given that one). If anyone could help me it would be very much appreciated! Thanks for your time smile
I found it! For those looking for a really ace guide, check out:

Preparing for Birth: Mothers
Andrea Robertson

I reckon it should come in your initial 'bounty bag' at the 13 week consultation. Brilliant!
I've noticed the things they put in your bounty bag differ all the time. I travelled each time I was pregnant, and had gotten a few bags in VIC and QLD and noticed the states and different hospitals put different things in them all the time. There are some good informative reads in them, as you've probably noticed, and if you ever were looking for something else, ask your midwife.
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