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wanted baby book for second pregnancy. Lock Rss

Hi everyone I am pregnant with baby number 2 and I enjoyed reading pregnancy related books when I was pregnant with my first and really want another to read this time. But more so one that is based around having two children.
I read "what to expect when expecting" the first time and was hoping there would be a what to expect when expecting number 2 lol but alas I have not found one.
Please help smile
Hi Samma my name is Claire and I am an author here in the UK. I think you would find my book Easy Labour Your Guide to Making Labour Less Painful really useful. I studied hypnobirthing with my first pregnancy and had a csection with my second baby so there are lots of hints and tips from an experienced mum. Obviously being a mum already you know a lot of what to expect but youd be surprised at how much you forget! There is advice on alternative birthing positions and lists of what to take to the hospital as well as advice on breast feeding and on how to prevent cot death. Unfortunately you can only order it from Amazon uk at the moment but if you send me your address via the 'contact us' section of my website I would be happy to send you a free copy. All the best Claire
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