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Anyone read a Hypnobirthing book? Lock Rss

I am thinking that I would like to attend a Hypnobirthing course, but I'm worried about the cost, and also I would like DH to come with us, and the course is held 45 minutes away so would need to find someone to look after DS.
So, I was thinking could I learn hypnobirthing techniques from a book.
Have any of you read a good hypnobirthing book that helped you with birth? If so, which book and who by?
And/Or did you attend a course and how beneficial was it?
Thanks in advance smile

I did the course (which the book was included in) and found it really good. DP was rather reluctant / hesitant about going as thought it sounded to hippie like but he was well and truely converted by the end of it!
I heard about HB from a friend who did it - she's one of the most down to earth practical people i know, after hearing of her natural quick pain free labour I was all for it and wanted to learn the same for myself.
A lot of it is about visualisation - for the months leading up to the birth I kept visualising going into labour on a Friday after DP got home from work and that it would last 4-6 hours - I was having little contractions at 6pm, used the HB techniques and was able to stay at home until the last minute really, arrived at hospital at 10.20pm and she arrived 11.05pm, was very quick! I'm gutted I can't say it was pain free for me, somehow feel like I failed as that's whAt I was aiming for, but upon reflection I had an "easy" birth with no tears or anything and a very calm very healthy baby girl.
I lent the book and cd's to a friend who had complications the last 2 months of her pregnancy, she went from being very anxious to very calm and settled, it was so lovely to see.
When we eventually get round to trying for no2 I'd like to do a refresher course and will be reading the book again and trying to find the time to listen to the CDs as thought it was well worth it.

Anyone else had experience with hypnobirthing?

I heard back from the lady and the cost for 2 evenings is $250 which is a lot, but not crazy crazy if it means we have a great birth experience, also the evenings would work really well for us.
Hmmm, now to persuade DH he looked highly unimpressed when I suggested it last night smile

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