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Looking for new pregnancy books to read Lock Rss

Hi, I am looking for best pregnancy book. Looking for extra knowledge where i can read more about pregnancy.

Please give me any reference.

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pregnancy week by week

My absolute favourites (have been pregnant twice before).

For Birthing: Juju Sundin - Birth Skills. I used some these techniques for delivering both my children. Very practical.

For pregnancy: Up the duff by Kaz Cooke. Funny well researched. Easy to connect to. My constant companion in my first pregnancy, not so much subsequently.

For Morning Sickness: Morning Sickness Survival Guide by Lisa McAully. Came across this recently. It's a pretty short guide but definitely worth reading. Has some practical stuff in there you don't find in the usual stuff floating around. It's linked to a site that sells morning sickness survival kits which is based in aus.

Didn't really connect the What to expect series though it is very comprehensive.
Sorry, just saw how old this thread is! New to the group and still figuring it out!
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