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Onrex (Ondansetron) for Morning Sickness Lock Rss

Has anyone taken onrex ondansetron for morning sickness. My midwife has just prescribed it for me and are wondering if anyone has taken it and how they found it etc?? Thanks
Hi, yes I was on them, I called them wafers, coz that's what the nurse called them. Little things you put under your tongue. They tasted horrible! I didn't find they helped much, I was also on Maxalon which was helpful, when I could keep a tablet down mind you! The wafers are also very expensive, unless you have a health care card or pension card which I don't. But give them a go anyway, they might help you. Good luck, morning sickness is a horrible thing!

I was prescribed ondansetron wafers for severe morning sickness. They worked great for me but came with some pretty horrendous side affects. No nice way to put it, they made me so constipated I couldn't walk or stand. I had severe cramping. In the end I would take a wafer one day then a laxative the next and just ride the nausea out, then be able to function with the wafers again the next day. It was awful! Thankfully I felt fine after the 6 month mark.
Hi Hannahmary13,
I had severe morning sickness from around 8 weeks in. It hit me out of nowhere. I started out taking vitamin B6 on my GP's advice. This hardly touched the sides. So next step was to chat to my OB who prescribed maxalon. By this stage I wasn't keeping any food down, liquids were still ok. After 24 hours on maxalon, we went to ondansetron, by this stage I was so badly dehydrated and sick that I had started cyclical vomiting which meant it didn't really matter what I did, I couldn't stop the cycle. SO my OB admitted me to hospital for IV fluids, maxalon, and ondansetron. After about 24 hours being pumped full of all of this, I had improved enough to go home.
I stayed on ondansetron for around a week after this however I did become awfully constipated. To the point where no laxatives or softeners etc had any effect. I dropped back to once daily usage, 4mg daily, and still it didn't help. I was in a pretty bad way and it took over a week for things to come back to normal again.
So, I suggest if you need to take it for the nausea, take it in conjunction with a daily dose of Movicol.
The mechanism in Movicol keeps things moving and works best with ondansetron. If you try any other type of laxative, it will likely make any constipation you have worse.

So overall, amazing to stop the vomiting. Not so great for the nausea. I found nothing really helped with the nausea, but it gave me relief to be able to stop vomiting.

Good luck !!!! x T
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