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Have you used or would you use a pregnancy planner or journal? Lock Rss

I haven't seen a whole lot of options in NZ but on Amazon I found proper pregnancy planners with heaps of information, checklists, etc... which appear to have the purpose of explaining the different stages of pregnancy, tips for coping, etc... A bit like a wedding planner book but for pregnancy! A bit different to the journals I've seen here which are more of a memory diary type book. Problem is the one on Amazon is really Americanised. So can anyone offer recommendations on anything NZ'ish that's around? If you had the choice would you use a planner or a journal?
With the help of journal I was able to stay accountable by setting goals and only gained 30 lbs during my pregnancy. More importantly, I was reminded daily to stay active and make healthy, nutritious choices for me and baby)

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A pregnancy planner sounds like a great idea.

We've put together this Week by Week Pregnancy Guide…it's not quite the customisable planner you are talking about but we do have some useful tools in this section to help you on your journey:
I would love to have a pregnancy journal, with check lists and things to get prepared for when you are at certain weeks - especially with this being my first baby. So if you find anything please let me know smile
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