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stuff u cant live with out Lock Rss

There is so much new stuff u can get now days, i never had with my first baby. Tell me all about the neat things u had to get through pregnancy and for the new bub.

Mine was a fetal heartbeat monitor, u can hear your babys heart beat when ever u want and when it hickups or just moving around. It helped me to bond early with the baby and tape sounds from the womb that my partner could listen to and understand more what was going on in there. They retail at $99.95 but i brought mine off ebay for $52.00. Reccommend to anyone who is pregnant.

bell,sa,3 boys, 1 girl & 1 on the way

Epi-no. It is a German invention, which can be purchased at some chemists in Australia. It is a device which is inserted into the vagina in the last few weeks of pregnancy. It is a balloon type instrument that can be inflated to stretch the area to prepare for childbirth. I used it with my son, and he only took 3 and a half hours of labour to deliver. (no stitches) It costs about $170, but I believe it was worth every cent. I also recommend raspberry leaf tea in the last couple of months.

mum of 4

Is this device actually called an "epi-no"????
I had the worst labour with my son. It was 38 and a half hours long and painfull the whole time. During delivery he got stuck and I had to have an episiotomy (very painful) so needless to say over 100 stitches later I had a beautiful baby boy, but the stitches made it very hard for me to walk and move quickly and as I breastfed I relied on my partner to get him when he woke for a feed in the middle of the night. I'd rather not go through that again. What does raspberry leaf tea do????

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

yes, Epi-no. There is a web site which tells you the australian distributors. It's Raspberry leaf tea softens the muscles in the cervix allowing for a faster dilation. Apparantly if you use it too early it can cause miscarriage. I used it from about 6 months, and I was fine.

mum of 4

Thanks for the web address and the info on raspberry leaf tea. It is greatly appreciated. Needless to say I'm off to find a distributor in my area.

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

I took raspberry leaf tables for the last 3 months and I dilated very quickly. I would totally recommend them. Do take more then what is recommend on the bottle. I took double the dose.

I will have to look into Epi-no, it sounds interesting I have never heard of it.

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy


If you are finding your seatbelt uncomfortable (who wouldn't!!!) try and find a comfi-tum. It is a mat you sit on with a velcro strap that pulls the lap part of belt down under your bump.

Here in Adelaide the birth centre at Flinders Medical Centre sells them but I have seen them in Target also. I used mine from around 12 weeks.

Sue, Adelaide SA, 11 month old boy


Ive just had my third baby and have to reccomend the Belly Bra. You can buy it on the web at or at selected baby shops. It's fantastic. It totally supports your back and tummy. It costs around $80 but well worth it.

For morning sickness, I used travel sickness bands. They are a strap that sits on the pressure points on your wrist and help to relieve nausea. Fabulous! They cost around $15 from some chemists and travel agents.

I loved
* My latex wedge pillow in late pregnancy (you tuck it up under your tummy and it keeps you in place)
* My zoo pillow (after baby was born - she's one and still uses it for every breastfeed)
* My baby's play nest - we got it when she was 6 months old but it would have been great from about 4 mths
* Frozen baby food - we bought the Motherly cubes online, although I gather they're now in supermarkets. Great for easy first foods meals, or for convenience food in the freezer - we use them as pasta sauce for my 1 yo.

2 DD: 5.5 yrs & 1yr

i didnt buy one, but i wish i had now . . .there were these bean bags, with a round area indented so you could lie on your tummy on them to releive back pain - i found them when i was only 4 months pregnant, didnt think id get much back pain. I was wrong.

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

PREGGIE POPS! - but alas you can't buy these retail in Australia - you have to put "preggie pops" into your search function and buy them on line - I ended up buying them from an australian baby internet site which I cannot remember the name of.

These were a godsend when I was going through morning sickness.

Oh and my next best thing was my "chuck bucket" which I routinely carried with me on the train to and from work for 9 weeks after one day chucking up in our brand new car - all I worried about was chucking in the peak hour train.

and my worst thing - AVENT BOTTLE WARMER - YUCK!
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