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Best Book Ever Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I would just like to share a book we discovered that has become a bible to us. Its called Baby Love and written by Robin Barker. It costs about $30- but covers everything from birth onwards. Tips on crying setlling teething starting solids childhood diseases etc. It is to be read as a reference book rather than cover to cover (to avoid becoming paranoid)and became like having a Motherhood nurse in our home 24/7. I have given copies to friends as part of their baby gifts and so far have had rave reviews.

Fiona, NSW

Hey jordy's mum

I totally agree with you.

I was given Baby Love at the hospital from a friend of ours who happens to also be a Paediatrician. The book has since been my child health nurse, GP and best friend all in one.

I was then given " The Mightly toddler" which is the follow-on to Baby Love, for Christmas which I will start referring to soon but not just yet. (my bubs is 9 moths old)

I highly recommend Baby Love to first time mummies everywhere!!!


helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

i reccommend that you read kaz cookes "up the duff" she explains week by week what happens and also has a fictional diary of every week. its hilarious! i just kept reading it over and over

I have Baby Love too, I am fairly sure I got it as it was recommended in the back of Kaz Cook's "Up the Duff"! I have to say it has been very handy to have. I have just bought Toddler Taming by Christopher Green as my son is 15 months old and no longer covered by Baby Love.
So far Toddler Taming is really good (read the whole thing in 2 days), the main thing is it has meant I can stop stressing about him not understanding No!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi there,

i am reading a book called "Secrets of the baby whisperer" written by Tracey Hogg. It is a fantastic book and shows you how to read your babies cries and also gets you into a routine called E.A.S.Y which is Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. plus has lots of other little things to help out new mums and dads with delimers of new borns. Totally recommend this book
A great book I found when pregnant with my son was 'Pregnancy for Dummies' it uses simple terms and is not in the least bit confusinf. It follows the 3 trimesters and also has another few sections at the back on other importnat information.
It even has some reading for expectant dads in there that explain whats going on.

member since 2004

i absolutly agree with robin barker and kaz cooke, but another great book i have is "babies" by christopher Green and "the practical encyclopedia of pregnancy and babycare". Babies was a fun book that didnt seem so endless like some baby books i have.

reccommend to all new mummies and mummy to be's

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

I couldn't get into Baby Love - but loved Gina Ford's "contented little baby" and the "Baby Whisperer" books - so sad to here that Tracey Hogg passed away in November last year - but nonetheless I am sure her legacy will live on!
Yep, gotta agree wholeheartedly with you "Baby Love" by Robin Barker is a terrific book. I received it as a present and bought one for my cousin as a baby shower gift.
It's well written and put together and covers everything I've always wanted to know. Can highly recommend it as a really good reference book.
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