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Book & Resources


family member with cancer Lock

Does anyone know of any books dealing with illness of grand parent?? My mother in law has termina...

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Thats great!!!! send her a smile for me


support during pregnancy and birth Lock

Hi everyone, My name is Kate and I'm a midwifery student in Melbourne. Midwifery means 'with wome...

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Babywise Lock

My midwife told me the writer of Babywise is in jail! She said they had some kids in the USA die ...

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Hi there Heidi I used babywise with my first baby. Found it to be great, I think there is a bit of a overreaction to the whole thin...


Brisbane Shops Lock

Hi, I am visiting brisbane this week and am wanting to know what baby shops are the best and whe...

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Dunstans Baby Language Lock

Does anyone know where I can get this book? A lot of the book stores only seem to stock the dvd, ...

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Just letting you know that I got a copy from ebay for $45 (including P&H). Have a look for it there.


Routines Lock

Hello My DS is now 3.5months and is in a fantastic routine and sleeps well. It was all down to T...

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Thank you for that info. I posted on here a while ago about that book as I too thought it sounded like something I could try. It s...


Pregnancy Journals Lock

Hi everyone. I would like to purchase a pregnancy journal. Have any of you used one and which do ...

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I found a lovely pregnancy journal on the internet called "Waiting for Baby: A Pregnancy Memory Album" by Tracey Clarke I bought it...


Custom Photo Birth Announcements for Kiwi Mums Lock

Are there any Kiwi mums out there that would be interested in ordering custom photo announcements...

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great online bookstore for prgncy,babies,brstfeeding,loss & anything parenting! Lock

my midwife suggested this great site after asking about how to involve dd to becoming a big siste...

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HA HA HA LOL!!!sorry pregnancy brain! "CAPERS Bookstore specialises in books on pregnancy and birth, fer...


testing Lock

just testing something sorry [Edited on 10/07/2008]

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Sleep is the most important thing!!!! Lock

Hello to all the new Mums out there. All new Mums are pretty much worried about giving birth and...

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Hi Tina, I think it's fantastic that you're reading up on sleep routines. Most first time parents are too concerned with the actual ...


3D ultrasounds? Lock

Hello i am 26wks pregnant with number two and we have been thinking of the 3D ultrasounds. We do...

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[url=http://value][url=][Image Removed][/url][/url]


falling pregnant Lock

Hi to every one i was just wondering if any one knows anything about falling pregnant cause my qu...

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Hi there, i have read that having an orgasm at the right time of month (just before ov) can help to carry the little fellas to thier...


Pregnancy Podcast Lock

I have been listing to podcast durring my pregnancy and found them helpful and some time funny, t...

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Zoke, What did you think of bounty? I am looking for new podcast for once my little girl is home, I hate reding books!


Mongan HypnoBirthing Book Lock

Hi. I'm looking at purchasing the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan which is available on this s...

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Any Kiwi's out there?? Lock

Hi No offence to the aussies of course! But are there any kiwi's adding to these forums? I wanted...

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ooops sorry posted my comment twice:) [Edited on 03/03/2008]


Hot Tips for New Mums and Mums-to-be Lock

Hi all Just though I would start this thread, so people can post any hot tips for new mums or mu...

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Parenting forum Lock

hey guys! we have agreat lil online commuity and we would love for u to join. we have mums form ...

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re Lock

re [Edited on 06/02/2008]

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re Lock

Hi, I think they only comes in the DVD package, wiht 2 DVDs and a booklet, as on the official web...

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pregnancy websites Lock

does anyone know of any interesting pregnany web sites, something that isnt to repetative if you ...

3 replies I found this to be a good website. If you go to pregnancy & then timeline you can see a real photo of what y...


Great breastfeeding resources Lock

"The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding" La Leache League "Breastfeeding Matters" Maureen Minchin "Bi...

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Want to birth naturally? Essential reading. Lock

'Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering' By Sarah J Buckley 'Childbirth Without Fear' Grantley Dick Reid ...

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Hi, Need some help, im wondering if anyone can tell me where i can purchase a mattress protector...

1 reply

Hi, I just use a good quality mattress protector that I bought from somewhere like Myer or Harris Scarfe. You can also get them at ...


Awesome website for money saving mums Lock

Hi!! I thought I might add this in here. There is an awesome new Australian website that helps mu...

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prams! Lock

I would like a pram that is versatile for walking on street footpaths,roads, small enough for sho...

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I am going to buy the Valco Trimode pram. It folds easy and it great to push, only weighs 12kg. You can get the ultralight model whi...


I really wish someone had suggested these books to me Lock

"Baby Matters" by Linda Folden Palmer "Connection Parenting" by Pam Leo Also anything by William...

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I love Ina May's Guide to Child Birth. The best book for evidence based practice!


Maternity Acupressure Lock

I want to do maternity Acupressure on myself but don't want to pay for the download has anyone do...

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Great baby shopping site with prizes Lock this is a great site and currently has a baby mystery box compet...

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Books about mummy having a new baby Lock

Just wondering if anybody knows any good books about mummy having a baby. Phoebe will be approx 1...

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There is a Spot book, it is called something like Spot's new sister.

Nicole K

Check List of New Baby Essentials Lock

Hi ! I'm 14 weeks pregnant and thinking about all the things I need to buy for baby ! Has anyone...

2 replies

Hi Nicole just wondering did you go to HKHS for school


Another I wish...I'd found this web site Lock GREAT information

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Help - research for new book Lock

Hey Everyone, I need to ask a huge favour from everyone. I have been doing a bit of research on...

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hypnobirthing Lock

Has anybody read any good books or seen any good DVDs about hypnobirthing or natural pain relief ...

2 replies

There are some Mums who have used hypnobirthing techniques on the forum on Sorry, I haven't looked into it mys...

5 things i couldn't do without Lock

Months ago, i came across a thread named something like this... i found it helpful at the time, a...

5 replies

1. Hug-A-Bub baby carrier. FANTASTIC for when my daughter wanted to snuggle or feed & I wanted to get tea ready. I could do both! ...

Who has read this??? Lock

I just purchased a copy of Marie Mongans, HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method. Anyone read it? Wh...

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cvs for detection of downs and congenital defects Lock

hi there I'm 37 and 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. Has anyone had a CVS what were there ex...

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Hi there I have just recently (last week) ended my 15 week pregnancy due to the baby (we named her Chloe) having downs. I had the 1...

shazzy16 signatures Lock

This post has been moved to another forum.

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How to choose the sex of your baby Lock

hey has anybody read and tried the Dr. shettles method and succeeded on choosing the sex of their...

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Congratz to you on your good news . I hope it works for me i keep going back and reading the book just to make sure i am reading and...


Koastal Kids Lock

Hi Everyone, Just a quick post to let all Central Coast, NSW parents and parents to be about a n...

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