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Some advice needed!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Sorry for the long post

I have a 19 month old daughter who last wednesday night started vomiting. She vomited through the night and the next morning i took her to the doctors who said she had a case of gastro and she should be fine.

Well that day she didnt eat anything and then after going to bed vomited all night again.

I keept her home the next day and just let her rest. She wouldnt eat but was taking water fine during the day. After going to bed that night she started vomiting. She vomited 9 times in 1 hour so i rang the nurse on call who said that unless her vomit is a dark coffee colour not to worry.

Much the same the next day didnt eat much and just cryed all day. That night she was vomiting that bad i took her to the hospital and they gave her hydrolite. and said it just gastro and to ride it out.

It has now been nearlly a week without her eating and vomiting all night. Her nappys are bearly wet during the day and bone dry through the night. She is not refusing water but just vomits it up at night. She has lost 2kg and just crys all day.

I thought gastro vomiting only lasted around 48 hours and am getting worried it has gone on so long and find it wierd she only vomits at night. She has not eaten for so long and is very week and exhusted.

Im so sleep deprived. and very worried about her.

If anyone has gone through something simular or has any advice or reasurance it would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou Amber

Thats terrible. I would be taking her back to the hospital or even a different one if possible and demanding to see a pediatrician and getting her thoroughly checked out because you would think if she had gastro she would be vomiting during the day aswell as the night and it should only last 48 hours. I hope she gets better soon.
I wouldn't worry as much about the not eating as not drinking fluids. Little kids just tend to eat non stop when they feel better to make up for the time they didn't.
Have you been to your chemist to get a hydrolite fluid replacement? I remember reading something about only allowing your child about 30ml (approximately) every 10 minutes so that they where more likely to absorb it then throw it up. That is really hard to do when they are reaching out for the drink so I had to measure it out in a differesnt room. Do you think it could be posture related - does she lie flat much during the day? I would take her back to the doctor.


I would be taking her to see her normal doctor, forget the hospital. I've had that many bad experiences with doctors in emergency rooms - I swear they only put doctors in there that are still learning! The vomiting really shouldn't be going on for that long. I'm sure if you rang your doctors this morning and explain why you need an appointment they'll fit you in. Better to be safe than sorry!

Thankou all for your advice.

Well the last 2 nights she hasnt vomited!! But i did some research and found out the UTI's in children have nearlly the same symptoms as gastro so i took her back to docs yesterday and insisted a urine sample be done.

I might be wrong but i would rather be wrong than have been right and have not done anything about it as if it is and its not picked up she could get quite sick.

Thankyou again


Hi I hpe your dd is much better now. your story reminded me of an ilness my daughter had when she was 5 (she is now 14). She had the same symptoms as your daughter and it was realy hard because we were on a camping holiday and it was 40+ degrees everyday. I took her to 3 hospitals over a few days and they all told me it was gastro when we got home from our holiday I went to our GP and he tested her for salmonella oisining, and this is what it was. She was a very lucky little girl because this illness appears loke gastro but can be much much worse. I had to be visited by the health department and go through questioning about her eating habits prior to her getting ill. It was a really scary experience so I can appreciate how you are feeling. Hopefully all is we now but not I would go to my gp and ask for testing for food poisoning/ salmonella.

lisa : )

Hi Amber,
I have a 13 month old girl Nissiah Rose and just logged on here to ask about the same thing. Nissiah has a vomitting problem only at night, she will wake up after being asleep for about 5 to 6 hours and just vomit. I have taken her to my GP and he checked her over and said she is fine. It is still happening every now and then and seems more frequent now. Very stessful not knowing what it is. How is Layla-Rose now? How is this pregnancy going? All the best.
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