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My DS started day care about 6 months ago he only goes one day a week but every time he has gone to day care I guarantee you the day after he is sick with either a cold, ear infections or worse stomach bugs. I know he has to build up his imune system but this is ridiculous how often he is sick lately. I seem to spend every week at the doctors. I am contemplating taking him out of day care as we have had 2 stomach bugs within the last month. Not to mention I always seem to get everything as well and being 3 months pregnant and having bad MS it isn't much fun lately. Any advice would be great.

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....


Its so frustrating isnt it. My DD is now sick after a lady brought along her sick child to playgroup, we missed it today as Ava is sick and next week I'll have to say something to the group asking them not to bring sick children along.

I think daycare centres are supposed to have same policy, sick children are kept home - maybe you could speak to them about it but from the sounds of things best thing might be to keep him at home, especially given you are pregnant.

Its a pain because you want them to socialise with other kids but at the same time in doing so they end up sick all the time.
Yes you are right it is annoying when parents do bring sick children to day care/play group because it affects not only the other children but the parents at home as well. I might raise it with the day care as well but I am not to sure if there is anything they can do about it.

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

I think you only have to keep your child at home if they have diarrhea/vomiting or a fever. I know at our daycare they take kids with snotty noses, which I think is gross. Clear snot is ok, its not contagious but when its thick and green (sorry TMI I know) they should be at home!!

I too am so over my little one getting sick all the time its like we have 1 good week, 1 sick week at the moment and I too feel like I am at the Dr's every week.

I have no choice about taking him out of daycare, I work 3 days a week and have noone else, but he enjoys going too and learns alot.

Hurry up and build up immune system.

I have a 2 year old now!!

I have stopped taking my DD to play group because she ALWAYS, without fail, picks something up. Then she's sick for a week at least (her immune system is so shot) and then we go back the next week...its a huge circle of colds and stomach bugs, YUK! I give up.

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

Yes I am feeling abit the same at the moment sick of getting sick if you know what I mean. The thing is developmentally he has improved so much since going to day care and I know I can't protect him for ever. One day he will have to go to school and be exposed to all the germs again. See how we go.

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

Herron make kids cold and flu echinachea (sp?) as well as the normal vitamin tablets. I found them in Coles, NSW
You could try these to support his body while he trys to get better.
In 6 months time, if you are breastfeeding, you could slip some expressed milk into his cereal. That will work wonders, especially if you are catching all the colds.


Hi there - my DS is always sick as well. I just recently posted this same topic in the babies forum. My little guy is 14mths and been in day care since 6mths. He is always sick and at the Drs - I asked the Dr if it was worth taking him out of care and he said no - he needs to build up his immune system and if he doesn't do it now - he'll go through all of this when he starts school. My Dr said it was normal for little ones to get sick about every 3 weeks! It's so frustrating and you feel helpless not being able to do anything for them.

I was recently recommended to start bub on inner health for kids - I just put it in bubs bottle. We've only been on it for a few weeks so fingers crossed. There is also a kids multi called pentivite. Bubs had a full 3 weeks of being healthy before catching the cold that just started today - which he would have caught from me.

I guess we all just have to ride it through till their bigger and stronger. As my Dr said - you can't keep them in a bubble.


Hi Pauline
Yes well Ryan went to day care on wednesday and by friday he had a cold. I was mentioning to his teacher at day care that he is always sick after he goes to daycare and she got all defensive with me and told me its not always daycare that kids get sick from (which is true you can get a cold from anywhere) but none of the family have it we haven't been anywhere apart from day care to pick it up from. So what do you do? Just keep getting sick.


Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

Hi Ann

Ava's bl00dy sick again too! She'd just recovered (after about 10 days of hell) and not even two weeks later she now has another cold and the poor lil bugger is miserable so out with the vapouriser, panadol, nurofen, tissues and sympathy. This time I think she caught it from a little boy at a shopping mall playcentre, he was coughing and spluttering.... 3 days later she's sick. Next time I see a sick person I'm gonna pick her up and run smile Personally I think yeah they are going to get sick but why put them in a situation where its guaranteed and if Ryan is continually sick from going to Daycare I'd take him out of it, at least for a while - you have enough on your plate.
Its funny but Ryan is sick again to with a cold. Went to day care last wednesday by Friday he was sick again. Oh my goodness its never ending I tell you. 2 Weeks it was a stomach bug with bad vommitting and diariah. Whats next? I did however go to a chemist and they have given me some special medicine that apparantely builds there immune system up. They did say it would take about 4-6 weeks to kick in but I will see how we go and let you all know if it works. I am still unsure about taking him out of day care because he generally loves it. I can't get him to leave when I pick him up and it does give me a break as I still have morning sickness with my 2nd bub and i am 16 weeks and have it since day 1.

Ryan 3 and Jaiden 16months....

Hi everyone. Gee I guess colds must be going around at the moment. My little Jesse has had a cold for 1 week now - the worst part is that every time he gets a cold - his bronchiolitis starts again - and the constant cough lasts for at least 2-3 weeks! He doesn't get hardly any sleep as he keeps waking up with an aweful coughing fit! I've had him home from daycare this week - which is frustrating having to pay for it and not working!

Mr Dr has given me a referral to a pead for a second opinion about managing this coughing which he's had every single month since he was in hospital with RSV at 6mths.

Hope everyones little bubba's get better soon - and we get some rest as well!


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