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Ahhh what can i do? Lock Rss

how can i stop my 16mth old from waking at 4.30am every single day to do a poo... he is waking about 5/6 times a night with pains in the belly so i rub his back and he goes back to sleep.. then he wakes to do poo.. it not hard or anythig.. very mushy and smelly.. same as always.. anyone have this trouble...

my 2 year old daughter used to do the same, i took her to the health nurse and she suggested giving her a little bit more fibre around lunchtime. So wat i done was change her bread from white bread to multigrain or wholemeal and give her more water and fresh fruit thru out the day and she used to poo aftter she ate her tea so she was alright for the night and then she would have another one around 9 in the morinig
thanks for you help.. appreciated

What fantastic regular bowels. The massage - just remember there isn't much to them, so the massage relieves the pain but also stimulates the bowels. If changing the fibre quantity in the diet doesn't work, try massaging during the day at nappy change times. Just gently on the tummy in a clockwise direction (head is 12) and see if that helps move things quicker along the bowels.


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