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TUMMY BUGS - Did breastfeeding or formula as a bub make a difference? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering, my ds is under a year old (he'll be 9 months in 1 week), but to the mothers with slighty older babies and toddlers...

Did the way you feed them in the 1st 6 or 12 months make a difference to your toddler's health. I know they say breast is best. This is my 1st baby so I'm just curious. Do those that have been breastfed get less colds and tummy bugs as those who have been formula fed?

I breastfed exclusively for the 1st 6 months and now still breastfeed morning and night and give expressed milk in the afternoon.

He hasn't been sick yet, no colds or tummy bugs yet... Just wondering what to expect...

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Hi There. DS (now 20months old) was formula feed from 24hours old and only had 1 cold in his first year and since joining gymbaroo at 15months has had a lot (around 4) but still less than his breastfeed cousins. He has still never had any tummy bugs or any other illness other than a simple cold and has never had to have any antibiotics or other medication. I don't think anything will stop them from picking up a cold or tummy bug if they have been in contact with the germ/virus - it's more a matter of having to build up the immunity to colds etc.

I breastfed my bubs for over 12 months and both of them are rarely sick.They both got their first bout of gastro around 12 months of age. When they are sick, it is only mild and they recover quickly!! They have never had any medication and have never needed to go to the doctor!! Breast is best and will also be beneficial to the long term health and well being of your DS. Keep up the great work!
My DD was formula fed from 1 week old and caught her first cold at 14 months. She's had a few colds this year (along with those came ear infections) but I'm told that toddlers average around 8 colds a year.

I think it also depends whether they are at home or in childcare, if in childcare they pick up more illnesses.

I have a friend at playgroup whose DD is 14 months and yet to be sick (formula fed from birth).

Having said this if I had of been able to breastfeed I would have, as would my friend however our babies are healthy and thriving.
My DD was BF for 18 mths and has had heaps of colds, first one at about 5/6 months old, a short while after we started socializing alot morewith other mums and bubs and also started solids(less b/f). She also has eczema but that is my fault as I have asthma and bad allergies. Only 1 tummy bug caught from direct contact with my neice but we all had it and man it was the pits.

In saying she has had a few colds none of them were very severe, just annoying. My doctor said with DD's predisposition to allergies/eczema/asthma BF was beneficial as without it her eczema may have been much worse. I did my research re breastfeeding and there are studies stating BF may delay and/or lessen the severity of asthma, allergies etc and bf offers immune system boosting factors that can lessen the severity of ilnesses such as the common cold. Deosn't mean you won't get it though I guess.

So I can't really answer your question with a definite yes or no. That's great your DS hasn't had any illnesses yet, whatever you are doing is working so keep it up!
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Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Hi there!
It may not be as black and white as bf versus formula = how sick. You'll have to take into consideration vaccination and childcare as both of these tend to increase chances of getting ill!

My bubs (7mths) is bf, non vaxed (since she had the first hepb at 3 weeks)and not been to cc (but does socialise with other kids regularly but usually outdoors)and has had 1 bout of diahorrea (2 days) a week after her vax. This was at the same time that my dh had really bad gastro. I believe she got a mild version of it due to her immune system being down because of the vax. She hasn't had any health dramas since even though my dh had a major virus which he had for over a week.

Hope this helps!!
I think what you have to remember is that no one way is going to prevent your child from picking up the common cold or the odd bout of gastro that is going through the community. The difference is that breastfeeding reduces (in general, every child is different) the duration and severity of the common illnesses that pass through all children. I have noticed this year that my daughters colds have not increased (since weaning this time last year) but they last more than 3 or 4 days, often lasting now up to two weeks. I would encourage you to continue b/feeding as long as possible. Every little bit helps our child no matter their age. At 9 months you may be looking at having to supplement with a formula so why not save your self some money and keep it up for another few months and reep all the benefits possible!!


I agree with akina-nicole 100%. My bub has been bf for 16 mths and while she has had quite a few colds (especially after starting playgroup) they have only lasted a few days. She has been really sick once with bronchialitis (in hospital) and I was so glad that at the time I was able to bf as she was not keeping anything else down. Doctors/ Nurses could not believe her turnaround & recovery (24 hours). The World Health Org has conducted extensive research which proves breastmilk provides many immunological benefits for as long as it consumed and they recommend all bubs be breastfed for 2 years minimum. Oh..and their's also new research which shows a definite link between and increased IQ. That alone was enough to make me keep going with that said, To bf is REALLY hard work in my opinion so if you choose not to continue or have already stopped then I completely understand. Mostly all the bubs in my playgroup are formula fed and have had very few serious illnesses in their first 16 mths.
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