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1 yr vaccinations Lock Rss

My son turned 1 last April 15th (a week ago) and i havent been able to take him to get his 1 yr vaccinations. Does anyone know how long i can wait to get his vaccinations? is there a time frame that i have to stick to? thanks in advance!


My daughter was about 3 weeks overdue after her bday and it didn't seem to matter. I think it would be more of a problem if you went too early as they might overlap with the last ones.
Did you know that when your child turns 2 if they have all their immunisations you will get $400 from the government??
This is a nice incentive!! smile

Dylan didn't get his 1 year injections until he was about 16 months as he was pretty sick between when he was supposed to have his injection and 16 months. I used to have him booked in to get them and would go in to be told that until he is well he shouldn't get the injection. Being a bit late won't hurt as long as they get them. Mind you if you are getting a child care benefit from Centrelink if it is a few months after their birthdays you need to let them know why as they cut off you CCB.

Julie, Townsville, Dylan 3/3/06

I don't think it really matters much as long as you have the recommended time frame between the needles (2mth, 4mth, 6mth, 12mth, etc) and that they have all the appropriate ones by the time they are 2 years old. My DS has always been a couple of months behind with his, he had his 2 month ones at 4 months, 4 months at 6 months and 6 months at around 8 months. We have only just caught up with his 12 month ones the other week.

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