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Sore Eyes?? Worried Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

I am new to the forum and was hoping someone can assist me.

I have a 2 and a half year old who in the past two months every couple of days or so keeps crying and saying Mummy sore eyes.. when he is cryiing his eyes must get worse coz he keeps crying even more saying his eyes are sore. Have taken him to the doctor 3 times now, and each time he says it must be alergy and there is nothing he can do. He suggested I wash his eyes each day with salty water. (which I have been but it doesn't make much difference).

Has this happend to anyone? Not sure if I should persist and ask for a specialist referal.. (the thing is my son is not complaining all the time but every few days or so)

Worried Mum..
Do you notice any patterns of when he complains. ie. are you shopping or in air con. I know that myself my eyes sting when there is a fan or air con blowing in my face I think it dries your eyes out and they sting.
My DH has allergy eyes. We have been having problems lately and we think we might have linked it to a new shampoo and conditioner. We also have to be very careful with the kids that they wash hands after playing with pets and be extra careful that little soap is used and is totally washed off (or they get eczema between fingers). Sunscreens can also be a problem.

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