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ear infection with grommets Lock Rss

My son, now 14 months, had grommets inserted 3 months ago after being hospitalized for mastoiditis. He has had a cold recently with it developing into a chest infection in the last 2 weeks which he took antibiotics for. He has had a couple of very bad sleep nights of late and then this morning woke up with gunk coming out of his ears. I am assuming that he has developed an ear infection and that the grommets are doing their job in draining the fluid. I have noticed a little blood in the discharge. Has anyone else experienced an ear infection with grommets ? Does all this sound normal, or something to be more concerned with ? We have antibiotics still from the hospital and they advised to use the drops should he start having discharge from his ears.
Thanks for your help,
I would either call your gp or local hospital to ask them this question. I had both my ear drums burst as a kid and remember it clearly as I had gunk coming out my ears for a while before it happened. The pain was excruciating so I would advice you to ask the professionals about this!

Hi Julie,
That sounds about the same as what was coming out of my 21mo DD's ears when she had an ear infection (with grommets in). It was sort of slightly cloudy, but generally clear, with a reddish brown tinge to it sometimes; and 'goo' is the only way to describe it. It didn't seem to bother my little one, she was a little flat for a few days (she tells me when she has an 'ouch' so i don't think it was causing pain) and then it seemed to clear up by itself.
If you're still worried, I'd go see your GP.
Hi - thanks for your replies.
We went to the GP today, not only because his ears seemed a little worse today after small improvements over the weekend - more watery kind of discharge, but also cause he now has conjunctivitis. His ears must be a little uncomfortable for him as he keep wanting to stick his finger in his ear, and then he must have rubbed his eyes. Given the amount of discharge I have also been surprised he is not in more pain. Lucky for the grommets otherwise I think things would be a whole lot worse for us.
Poor little man! I hope things clear up quickly. I know that at one stage my DS was on ear drops that they also use as eye drops for conjunctivitis! Perhaps you can treat both with one medication!

My DS has had three sets of grommits (the longest they have lasted is 6 mths, the first two lasted 1 mth and 3mths respectively) and is about to go in for a fourth set. He has continual ear infections despite the grommits, and is on prophylactic antibiotics continuously through winter. This is very unusual though, and the great thing about the grommits is that despite these infections, his hearing has returned to normal and his speech has developed at a normal rate as a result. The infections are horrible but as you say, if your little one is prone to them anyway, at least the grommits keep the pressure down and will let him develop his other milestones appropriately! Good luck and i hope your little one gets well quickly, it is awful when they are in pain!

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