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dark circles under eyes Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone had any ideas! My 2 and 3 quarter year old boy has always got dark circles under his eyes. He gets great sleep - 11 hours at night and2 - 3 during the day. He is healthy otherwise. Any ideas? Also his ever-so-cute birth mark on his bum seems to be getting a little bigger and darker. Is this normal? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thankyou.

Nicole, Queensland, almost 3 yo boy - Sebastian

hi my 20 month old daughter also gets dark circles under her eyes my doctor recommended getting her on liquid vitamins and to increase her iron intake.
so far it seems to work
maybe give that a go
good luck

cat nsw kiindra 20 mths

Hi sebsmum,

Not sure about the birthmark but like the others have suggested, dark circles are often a sign of not only low iron levels but also possible allergies. It can also be genetic. Get him checked out for both and put your mind at rest. Good Luck smile !!
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