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All Gums - No Teeth!!! Lock Rss

Hi, my 12 (almost 13) month old daughter has no teeth and does not appear to have any signs of any teeth appearing anytime soon. I was just wondering if this is normal/ok?? Would love to hear from anyone else who has late starters. Cheers.
Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that my DD didn't get her first tooth until she was 15 months old! Then she got 7 of them in 3 weeks!! I still remember the sleep deprivation from that time to this day....

My DS got his first tooth when he was 8 months, but at 16 months, he only has 4 teeth.

Thanks for that. Its good to know that she is not alone....although, 7 in 3 weeks eeeeekkkk!!!! Im not sure if I am looking forward to it now or not!!!! LOL!!!
Might not happen to your DD though. I think my DS has a few coming soon though, he hasn't been sleeping well and is whingy for seemingly no reason lately. Not like him at all. Bit of a case of de ja vu!!! Help!


My DD was/is a late teether, got first bottom two at 9 months although took 2 months for them to fully come through. Then it was months before she got any more (top two) then months again before more came along and then got six at once. She still has teeth coming through with four that have not appeared at all and she's 28 months now, her 18 month old cousin has all his teeth... so they all develop differently.
Thanks for replying. Congrats on the second pregnancy!!! smile
My son didn't get his first tooth until 14 months. He got 4 over 2 months and has now stopped again. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
my workmate's son (who is now in his twenties) didnt get his first tooth til he was 18 months old! so no need to worry..


don't mean to steal the post but how was your DD during this 3 weeks?? my DS is 15 months, one bottom tooth and has been not well for about a week now.. off his food, really whingy and unsettle. Doctor checked him out and said it's his teeth!!
[Edited on 18/08/2008]
Hiya, i wouldn't worry about it, my son cut his first tooth at 4 days short of 15months, he now has 2 teeth (16months old) he had teething symptoms from 3a nd a half months, (and i mean everything you can think of, apart from the teeth appearing) and when he got the teeth finally, no systemic symtoms, just likes to chew on his finger on the part of gum the tooth was coming thru on! (ok until he bit himself with the other tooth!!)

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