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Diahorrea ?? Lock Rss

My 2 year old has had diahorrea for 2 days.
Does anyone have any tips on what food to eat/not to eat or anything else that might help??


CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1

My guess is plain, healthy and easy to eat foods. No spices or strong flavours. Eg bread,grated apple, macaroni cheese, scrambled eggs etc.

One thing I know for sure is keep up the fluids; lots of water with nothing added.

You could visit or phone a pharmacy and ask their advice. If it keeps up much longer, I'd go to the doctor as they may want a poo sample to check for infection... Best of luck.
Lots of water, plus the BRAT diet

Toast (dry)

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

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