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Grommets - such a huge question - we need help! Lock Rss

My little girl is 23mths, and she has had a number of ear infections (about 5 or 6 in the past 8 months or so). The doctor has now said that if we want grommets he will refer us, but we dont know what to do. Her eardrums are ok, no glue ear either, but it is just the constant flare ups that really make her miserable. I am worried that if we do get the grommets it could be a slippery slope and we may regret it, but i hate seeing her ill. Her hearing is fine, and no glue ear so far, so I just dont know.
She is a terrible sleeper, wakes every night a cries a lot in her sleep, I am wondering if she had grommets if this would help? Also she gets quite clingy and miserable sometimes, and those days I wonder if it is her ears that hurt.
I just dont know what to do - and I was wondering what other people had experienced having grommets or deciding not to have grommets - any advice welcome.

[Edited on 11/08/2008]
Hi, DS had heaps of ear infections - 4 in 8 weeks! We got a referal to an ENT and he now has grommets, he used to get an ear infection everytime he got sick, he's had a cold since then and didnt get and ear infection!! So i'd say go for it. It'll help your little one out no avail. Also since getting his grommets in he's become much more vocal.

Hi there,
Ollie, 17mths, had Grommets put in last Friday as he had constant fluid in his ears (glue ear). His ears were always red and he would also rub his head and ears so I knew it was bothering him. His nose was constantly running and he was puffy around the eyes all the time.

He has always been a bad sleeper and we thought that it would help with that side of things unfortunately he still wakes in the night but I think more out of habit so thats something we have to address once he is over his cold.

It is something we really didnt think twice about as he too had many days when he was very miserable and now he is his happy self again.

I had constant ear infections until I was three, my mum said it was an awful time and if she had the opportunity to get me in for grommets she would have in a flash.

Its a very quick procedure and they bounce back very quickly.
Ollie was one of three kids in the recovery room and he was running around after 10mins playing with toys etc.

Good luck.
I'd get the referral to the ENT guy first.. the gromets as far as I'm aware are to help release the build up of goo in the middle ear.. if you child doesn't have that then the gromets wouldn't be needed... but see a specialist before you start worrying...
My son is almost 13 mths and he had grommets put in at 12mths! He would get an ear infection, have antibiotic, be well for one week then get another ear infection and that was going on constantly for about 4mths! He was ALWAYS pulling his ears, he's nose was always so congested. We got referred to an ENT and he put grommets in straight away. We hadn't even left the hospital and he could stand on his own without falling over and by the next day his nose wasn't congested! It's now 3 weeks later and he's only waking about once a night instead of EVERY HOUR and he is pretty much walking, he is just a much happier little boy in general! I was like you very hesitant about getting it done but I'm so glad we did. But the ENT will have a proper look in the ear and recommend if grommets are needed or not. Good luck and don't worry the actual operation only takes 15 minutes.
hi not really sure if this is relevent but would you mind reading the post i am just about to ask.


hi there

My 23 month has just had a hearing test and has fluid in his ears, I have been referred to an ENT specialist with the idea of grommits as an option. I have asked around and heard positive and negative about them - only like every other decision a parent has to make!

Anyway last week Paddy started at the chiropractor my husband and I have been seeing for years, he is great (based at Artarmon and Surry Hills) with a view to hopefully fixing the problem without the need for grommits. I believe he has also had success with treating ear infections.

If you would like to know more about this option please let me know.


Penny, NSW, Sophie (14.07.04), Paddy (22.09.06)

I am taking my son to a specialist for glue ear and it is likely that he will need tubes. The specialist said that many doctors do not pick up glue ear. The inside ear is actually white from the build up of fluid. So she could have glue ear and your doctor hasn't picked it up. Please get a referral to a specialist so you can find out all the options. All the best.

SA, 2 boys

Hi there..

I was a child who from a very early age got ear infection after ear infection. This went on for years. It wasn't until I was 19 that I had grommets put in. I know it's a huge thing to let you child go under for any type of operation but I would try to think a little further down the track..
By the time I had grommets the damage had been done. I have a hearing loss because of the constant infection in the ear drums. I'm no where near deaf or anything, just find it very hard to distinguish where sounds are coming from but, was offered a hearing aid when I last saw the ENT.. lol!!
Having ear infections is awful for a child to go through. My daughter who is 16 months has had 5 this year and is always so sick with them. So I know if we got to the point that your at now we would definitely go ahead with the grommets.
I hope this helps. Good luck with it all!


My daughter had grommets in when she was 12 months, but she had glue ear and her balance wasn't good. After the grommets she started walking. (she kept falling over before) When the grommets were put in, the ENT specialist told us she also had severe tonsilitis, which would have been what was causing the ear infections. We have just had them out as well, and she has improved massively!

I would suggest you wait until you see the ENT specialist before getting too worried. At this young age, they bounce back quickly, and won't remember.

hey everybody, i have a 20 month old daughter and at the moment she has a really bad middle ear infection! she always gets them and isnt always a good sleeper!! but what i wanna know is, what are grommets??

A grommet is a tiny tube that looks just like a cotton reel.
A small cut is made in the the eardrum removing any fluid and allowing the middle ear to breathe.
A grommet is inserted into the eardrum to allow air to enter the middle ear.
As adults our eustacian tubes are straight and fluid can run freely from them but as babies they have a bend in them causing fluid to build up and thats why they get ear infections etc.
This is the explanation our doctor gave us.
Hope this helps.
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