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Using Dimatap or similar Lock Rss

My 21mth has recently started childcare and always seems to have a runny nose which turns in to a cough. Is it better to have their nose run, even when green or is using Dimatap ok. At this stage I only use it for a couple of nights in a row when seems really bad. Is it better out than in or her easily breathing more important? Thanks Sheree



I think its better out than in and I have only used Dimetapp twice for my DD whose 28 months and that was because she'd been sick for quite a while. The second time it had no effect at all as she had bronchitis and I've since found out that it can make their illness worse to supress the symptoms. Usually we go with a vapouriser and vicks and panadol as needed.

I think all childrens cough and cold medications are becoming prescription only from next month so you will only be able to get them after seeing a Dr.

Now that your little one has started childcare she will pick up alot more illnesses, I can really recommend getting a vapouriser which you run at night while they sleep - my DD recovers alot quicker from a cold with her vapouriser running, it helps clear the nose and with coughing as well. You can get them at a chemist for $50 and use them over and over everytime they get sick... which is alot smile

With my DD's recent bout of bronchitis she also had the green snot (first time she's had it) so it might be worth a trip to the Drs to see that your DDs cold isnt perhaps something else... they can listen to her chest, check her ears and can tell by type of cough whats going on. My DD ended up on 2 rounds of antibiotics as along with the bronchitis both ears got infected.
I agree with investing in a vaporiser, they are excellent.

I use Dimetapp when DD first starts presenting with a snotty nose and it usually nips it in the bud within a couple of nights.

Coughs are so annoying as so very difficult to do any-thing about. I am not fond of the Dimetapp cough stuff, it doesn't seem to work with DD.

She has never been sick enough to need any-thing from the GP, other than referring to Dimetapp for a few days and Panadol if there is fever.

I hate seeing other green snotty nose kids at DD's kindy. I wish parents would keep them home until better, rather than spreading the 'love' so to speak - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

We have given DD dimetapp when she has a cold - runny nose (clear) and is just generally feeling miserable. It helps ease the runny nose and helps her to sleep at night so she isn't waking all fogged up. However, I don't like to give it often and would prefer her to get over it herself if she can. As for the green noses, children are allowed at kindy now if it is a green nose - annoying for other children I know! (I work in one). However, from a parents point of view, some children get the green snotty noses very often and their parents would never be at work if they kept them home every time. Not nice for our kids though when they pick it up from them!!!!

Dimetapp only suppresses the symptoms of a cold - the body still has to fight off the cold whether you use it or not. I personally never use Dimetapp/Demazin with my boys as the risks far outweigh the benefits. I would prefer to help boost their own immune systems with natural medicines. A vapouriser, some vicks/inhalation, saline nasal spray, raised bed and plenty of rest all help to ease the symptoms of a cold.

You now require a prescription to purchase Dimetapp and Demazin if you wish to use it for a child under the age of 2. At work we never ever recommend giving a cough suppressant to a child under 2 years of age either.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Coughs actually serve a purpose when your child has a cold. Its the bodies way of stopping mucus run into the chest and causing a chest infection. If we supress it by giving a cough mixture, it will allow the mucus into the chest. So hence the reason you should never find a dr who recommends cough medicines.

My pharmacist recently told me that dimetapp has a form of sedative in it and thats why you will no longer be able to buy over the counter from this month on.

We only use a vaporiser (vicks brand) with vicks in it (only a very small drop) and vicks on the chest, back and feet and then panadol or nurofen if needed. Once they start daycare they tend to pick everything up so a vapouriser is worth every cent. The only thing to remember is to open the window the next day to let the air dry out, they do make the rooms quite damp.

Good luck, hope you lil one feels better soon.

I have a 2 year old now!!

Coughing is also a child natural reflex to clear their airways. If the coughing reflex is suppressed there is an increased risk of chocking. I work in pharmacy and we never recommend cough suppressants in children.

Dimetapp and Demazin (or the like) have a sedating antihistamine in them hence the reason they make children drowsy. With the risks of sids etc the recommendation is now to limit the use of these products especially under the age of 2.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

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