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2 year old snoring Lock Rss

hi munchykins,
not sure if your DS has the same issue, but sounds like his symptoms COULD be due to tonsils/adenoids. my DS1 got heaps of tonsilitis and ear infections which promted the ENT referral. once we saw that ENT he said that his snoring/heaving breathing was from tonsils and adenoids being so large. he also said that night waking CAN be another symptom. he had bad glue ear as well (stupid GP never said anything about that!).
another mum i know is having her daughters tonsils and adenoids out next week. she hasnt had tonsilitis but has sever breathing day and night.
i would get a referral to an ENT, at least then you will know if it is the cause of the sleeping/snoring, and get it fixed sooner rather than later.
P.S, we also made sure we used an ENT that was well known (we had to travel 2 hours away from our city, as the ones here dont have good reputations). it was totally worth it, as the ENT and hospital were completely professional and wonderful!

Hi Danae

Well my intuition was correct - I took DS to the doctors on Monday and after explaining everything to him he checked him out and took one look in his mouth - his left tonsil is "big" and his right tonsil is "really big". So we are off to the ENT specialist next Wednesday. GP thinks they will likely have to be taken out.
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