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My DS who is 26mths has come out with these things, 1st i thought ecxema(is that how its spelt?) & my nanna thought they looked like ring-worm! I've taken him to 2 different dr's who both dont know what they are, the second dr had them scrapped(which was horrible) and the results come back that its not a bacterial/ infection. They are round-ish pink/red, are raised off his body, are on his back, bum-cheeks, one under his nipple, one on his hip and a couple under his arm pits. They have twice looked like they were going away but the next morning looked like they were blistered a little bit. They arent worrying him too much at the moment but have been sore & itchy. If anyone has some suggestions on what it might be or what i can put on them that would be great thanks. Renee xx
Just wondering if by any chance your DS might be teething. My 19mth DD gets a similar type thing on her butt and legs when she is teething and lasts a good couple of weeks. I have found not much actually helps clear it up, but the Brauer Nappy Rash Cream seems to take the redness out of it a bit. Hope this might help.

Hi, it sounds a bit like school saws but I think that would have come up on the test. Maybe ask your Dr for a referral to a dermatologist, Its best to get it checked out it might be an allergy of some kind.

Thnaks for the quick replies, He is teething he's gettin his 3yr old molers at the top cus he told me his "bites" lol were sore yesterday and they are just coming through. Hes had these marks for 3weeks this week.
I might get a referal to a dermatologist i didnt think of that. Thanks
[Edited on 17/09/2008]
Another suggestion is to look at the personal care products you are using and change to natural products without potentially harmful ingredients. My ds was getting a rash on his face and we changed to natural products, bubble bath/shampoo/conditioner and it has gone.

Try this website. Look up the products you are using and see how they rate and what's in them. It's eye opening.

SA, 2 boys

o ok i'l look at it. They are still on him not any better or worse just the same. ive thoguht and thought about it and i havent changed his body wash( i still use baby bath lol ), i use the same washing powder, i havent fed him anything out of the ordinary. i just really dont know. But am willing to give anything a go. Thanks im gonna look at the websight now smile
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