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2 year old birthday present ? Lock Rss

Does anyone have a suggestion for a boys birthday pressie ? my son is 2 soon and loves cars/trucks/trains etc. I was cosidering the ELC Whizz Aroung Garage but find their products to be very overpriced and not great quality - but they look so good !
Any opinions or suggestions appreciated
[Edited on 25/09/2008]
DS (now 2.5) loves his:

Thomas the Tank Engine Duplo Train set
Duplo in general
A two-sided easel
Mr Potato Head
PlaySkool Wheel Pals (Rubberised top with faces type cars/trucks etc)
Fisher Price "Little People" digger & helicopter sets

Do any of these ideas sound good to you?
yes thanks, will give it some more thought !
* large outdoor Tonka trucks
* playgym
* table & chair set
* indoor tent/tunnel
* car mat
* car soft toy
* Outdoor car he can ride

SA, 2 boys

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