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Glue Ear Lock Rss

Does anyone have experience with this? how did you realise what it was, and what happened once it was diagnosed?

DD is 17mths, bables constantly, yet doesnt really say anything. she will try words that start with 'D' but even dad doesnt come out clearly. mum is a big no go so far, she does say 'nan' but we actually dont have a nan in the family so i know it has no meaning behind it, its just a sound she likes.
Somebody suggested she might have glue ear..

Thanks for your advise,

Kylie, I would be interested in this also, because Jayden is also not saying anything and when he does he always leaves off the last sounds of the words....

Its worth taking your child to their gp to get it checked out.

My ds has glue ear in both ears and I never would of picked it up except I took him to get checked out because i had concerns of sleep apnoea, the doctor checked his ears and said there was fluid in them, he went for another test then got referred to a specialist and is having surgery on the 24th of this month to have his tonsils and adenoids removed(for the sleep apneoa) and they are putting gromets in at the same time for glue ear, he has it in both ears so his hearing is quite impaired.

I am only noticing now that I know he has it how it is affecting him. His speech is very unclear(I originally just thought, hes just slow with his speech but its actually cos he cant hear properly) Simple words he finds hard to pronounce, he tries so hard to copy everything you say, he just cant pronounce words properly.

He is 2yrs and 3mnths old. Its worth getting it checked out, it could just be nothing but you dont know until you've had it checked.
Go to the doctor and ask the doctor to check for glue ear. A good doctor will pick it up and if she has glue ear she will need to be referred to a specialist. The ear is a white colour inside when they have glue ear. Be careful though, I have heard that some doctors do not pick it up so you may need to see a different doctor.

My 15 month old had grommets put in 2 weeks ago and it has made such a difference to his hearing. Before the grommets all he would say was "mum" or "mumumumum" but now he's attempting all sorts of words and sounds and he has started singing with music.

Good hearing is so important for speech and language development so get her ears checked asap.

SA, 2 boys

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