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How Many Ear Infections Before Your Child Got Grommets? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I am just wondering how many ear infections a child needs to have before considered for grommets. My DD is 18 months and has had about 6-7 in about 10-12 months. I don't want to keep giving her antibiotics all the time, plus every time she gets one it brings on her asthma. Not to mention how sick she can get with it..

[Edited on 05/12/2008]


Thats alot of worry for you and pain for your DD!

Our DS, 20mths, only had a couple of infections but was considered urgent as he had glue ear which affected his hearing. It also affected his sleep big time with waking up sometimes hourly!!
We had to wait for 3mths to get the op but it can take a lot longer.

I was told that they are doing up to 10 children a day so it is common to have them. (Thats here in Auckland.)

I would talk to your doctor and see if you can be referred to a peadiatrician.

I got sick of about 10 times with my son and countless antibiotics - I demanded to see an ear nose and throat specialist who put grommets in and the improvement was great - just waiting to sort out his allergies next!
I had to ask my GP to refer me to a specialist after my son had about 9 infections over the same amount of time. The specialist said around 6 -7 a year was considered a lot and probably required grommets and if the ear drums burst and leak all the time (which was what my sons did) then 3-4 was enough for grommets.

Get a referral - I hated using antibiotics non stop as well.
My son now 17mths had grommets put in at 12mth and 2days old as he was getting an ear infection every couple of weeks. He'd just finish a course of antiboitics then along came another ear infection! He's ears weren't draining so he had fluid build up which affected his hearing and balance not to mention his sleep! We only had to wait a week to get it done but that was through a private hospital I know that there are long waits in the public hospitals. But the results were amazing. Before he went in for surgery he couldn't stand without holding on to something and once he came out he was standing on his own then started walking a couple of days later.

If I were you I'd ask for a referral to an ENT

Good luck
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