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foreskin phemosis Lock Rss

my 3 year old DS has Forskin Phemosis. (penis forskin too tight to be rolled over head)

the doctor has told me to just leave it for now and to just keep a eye on it. if by the time he is 5 and not fixed then they will give me some creams to put on it but not cut it till the last option.

Has anyone elses DS had this and does it "just fix itself" ?

Rachael, 23, joshua 08/10/05


My nephew had this at around 2, but it was causing the urine to "back up" into his kidneys and was causing infections and could have caused kidney damage so had to be circumsised at 2.5 years old ( a dreadful thing at that age, but his health was suffering). If the Doc seems to think to wait and it is not causing infections or pain for him etc then it may fix itself. Phimosis is common in my and my husbands family (over 5 direct family members including a 16 year old)
he has the "ballooning " whilst weeing but to date has not had any UTI

Rachael, 23, joshua 08/10/05

yes the ballooning looks really distressing, just make sure his urine stream is flowing ok. If you are really worried and it is causing him distress/pain mabey get a second opinion or ask to try the cream. One of my nephews who is 6 has 3 of his classmates going to the specialist/doctors due to phimosis so it seems common nowdays.
My paed noticed that my son had phemosis when he was about 12mths and he prescribed cream straight away for it. I put it on everyday for about 3 wks I think and it opened up and haven't had a problem since and he'll be 3 on Monday! I'd get the cream or a second opinion I wouldn't like to take my chances with those bits
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