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Epigastric Hernia Rss

I have a 2 year old daughter that the doctors say has an Epigastric hernia(in between her belly button and chest). We noticed a small bump and took her to be checked at the doctors who sent her for an ultrasound. The ultrasound information says they assume it's a small hernia but I don't understand the rest of the information. The doctor then sent us to the surgeon who said it needed to be operated on. I stupidly asked no questions at the time and now wish I had. I'd really like to know if it is really necessary to operate on her. She doesn't seem uncomfortable at all and you can touch it and she doesn't react. The information from the doctors says it is not urgent so she can just be placed on the waiting list. I'd like someone who isn't a surgeon to explain it to me. I fear that the surgeon just wants to operate because that's his job. Does anyone have any information for me or recommend where to turn to. The thought of my tiny daughter being cut open for no reason scares me. Thanks.

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I will only be of some help here as my boy hasn't had a hernia, but know of two people who's kids have. My best friend's little girl was diagnosed with an ovarian hernia when she was 2-3 months old and was operated on pretty much straight away (the little girl is now 2.5 years old). Another friend is going through it now with her son, who was diagnosed maybe a month ago with a hernia in the testicular descent tube. He is going to be operated on tomorrow. My father had a hernia a few years ago and was operated on, and another friend's brother was operated on for hernia when he was in his late teens or early 20's. It would seem that they normally operate for hernias, but I can totally understand not wanting to put your daughter through the pain and trauma if it isn't necessary.
Is it too late maybe to make an appointment with your GP or the surgeon (if you can) before the operation? If you can get an appointment, go prepared with a list of questions you want answered. Anyway, hope this helps......?!

James' Mum

my son has had a groin herniawhen he was 10 weeks old which had to be operated on straight away. He also has a an unbilical & epigastric hernias which the surgeon will not operate on til he is about 4 yrs unless the epigastric one gets bigger.

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