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Herpes Virus??? Rss

Hi all, Maya's very sick this week. Neither of us has ever had a coldsore but she caught the virus off her little friend and she has been sooooooooo sick! The doc said it's a sister strain of the coldsore, a herpes virus, which sound so awful and it is. She hasnt eaten for days as her mouth and throat are full of ulcers and she has them around her lips and chin so she looks festy too! 40 degree high temp for a few days and the nurofen just isnt cutting it. I even gave her phenergen last night (I was very worried as I always remember stories of when I was a kid, mums would dose up ther kids with phenergen so they could watch the day time soaps) but it didnt help her sleep at all, she still managed to have me up every hour or so and even got me to put on 'Nemo' at 1am and 3.30am!!! We gave up and got up at 4am, early morning! LOL! Has anyone else had this before??? Or better results with phenergen??? Sorry to go on, maya's dad and I broke up last week so it's really hard having her soooo sick on my own...

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Oh darling! I've never come across this but I really feel for you both what a tough time you're going through. I know all about going through tough times-much worse than what you're going through (my son died 2yrs ago) and all I can really say is that it will pass and all you can do is manage one hour at a time.

My partner and I also split up recently and I'm also toughing it out on my own, I'm finding I just can't do it without accepting help and I take up every offer.

I hope it gets better soon. Hugs for Maya.


Hey did your dr give you some cream or antibiotics or something?? A friend of mines boy had the same thing and im sure she got something for it? go to the chemist and ask them. surely if theres cream for adults theres something for kids??

hope it gets better soon
my girlfriend has the same problem with her daughter jasmine 2 she caught it from a child at kindy she gets to the point that she has to go to hospital because she can't eat or drink she was told that it is type two herpes and she will have it for the rest of her life she was told avoid getting sick(who wants to get sick) as her immune system is low and thats when they will appear again phenergen doesn't work for her when jasmine has this that is why she goes to the hospital and they give her something there let me find out more for you and i will pass it on i know also she has told me that it is very easily passed on to other kids

sydney 12 month son

hi sorry to hear about maya i have two children with i have tried phenergen and both were almost climbing walls making them HYPO went back to chemist and he told me about verlergen (dont think that is spelt right ) but that was great said i needed them to have sleep both have ear and throat problems all the time and its great and its works ,for us anyway you could only give it a go the chemist ask 20 questions before you can get it but if you tell them all about what you are going through good luck !


Hi, This is really late, but It sounds like Hand, Foot and Mouth. This is a virus caught usually from playgroups and child care centres. My daughter just had them and they went away in about 5 days. She doesn't go to childcare centres but we went to a restaurant and she caught it from another child. If it was this, then your child won't get it again.

Andrea, baby and toddler

Poor thing1 Just before xmas, my 7 year old and miss twin had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Miss twin got it from DayCare and brought it home to the other one. It was awful. Neither of them could eat properly for over 2 weeks. The little one couldnt walk properly because she had blisters all over her feet. The older one only had them in her mouth, but i think it is the sickest i have ever seen her ( and she ha been real sick because they thought he had a form of leukaemia when she was nearly 2). I think they get sicker when they cant eat properly. My little one ended up with it 3 times-it says in your body for up to 10 week after the first case. All i could do for them was cuddle them and feed them juice through a syringe. They also ate a little bit of custard, jelly and ice cream.
Good luck with everything.

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

Hope she is feeling better and over her ulcers.
At the on-set of a coldsore i rub vegemite over it... Stings but believe it or not it does work. But you have to do it lots, I usually put it on before bed.
Also i have used polarmine (another antihistamine) seemed to knock the little one out well.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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