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  5. Does anyone have a child with celiac disease?

Does anyone have a child with celiac disease? Rss

I have had my 20 month old son at the paediatrician's office today due to ongoing problems he has been having. The doctor suspects he may have celiac disease (1 in 200 people have this). I have to take him to see a paediatric surgeon on Monday to organise a bowel biopsy which happens in hospital under sedation. They assure me it is a very low risk procedure. I am a bit shocked by the news and the implications it will have. I understand that it is something that is controlled by diet. I would just feel awful for my son if he has it. I don't want to have to deny him foods that other children can have. I was just wondering whether anyone else has a child with celiac disease. I guess I am just after some reassurance that it is manageable and that he will not miss out on too much.

Thanks Jo

Jo, 5 year old son, 2.5 year old daughter

my son doesnt have celiac disease but has hirschprungs disease, where part of his anus didnt have ne nerve endings so they had to operate and remove the bad section and then rejoin the two parts of the bowel back together. he is on a diet of high protein and high fibre diet. his condition is managable and he doesnt miss out on nething.

can i ask what celiac disease is?
Hi my husband has coeliac disease and we are members of the coealic society in Victoria. We get quartly magazines with great recipes, ideas, news, what to buy and from, also they have kids gangs and recipe books for kids. If you type coeliac in your search engine it should bring it up.

You will go throught a lot of trial and error with eating or making things that 1. work and 2. he likes. You will also need to be prepared when you go out. ie make a salad or take some rice crackers Coles and Woolies both have great stuff in their health section. Bread is very chunky and expensive so don't relay totally on this. Try and keep up lots of fruit and veges and meat.

Also i would ask your peadiatrician about a gastroneterogist (gut doctor) who knows lots about Coeliac disease.

Hope this helps

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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