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Thrush Lock Rss

I think my 17 month old daughter may have vaginal thrush. I can't get to a doctor or even a chemist until tomorrow as DP is working late and I am just wondering what I should do in the mean time? The last 2 nappy chnages she has had an off white almost yellow discharge and there is a terrible smell coming from down there. My mum suggested using bepanthan until I can see the doc, should I change her more frequently as well? I don't really know what to do as I have never had it before and I don't know how she has got it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Dear m2ila
try to use sorbelene cream and tissues or cotton wool to help soothe her skin when cleaning and not to use wipes as the alcohol in them may make it sting. Using bepanthen is the best I have found until you can get to the doctor tomorrow and they will prob order some cream for her. All the best.
[Edited on 24/02/2009]
Definitely keep her clean and change more often and dont put any creams on till you see the Dr, definitely not a moisturiser (which sorbolene is).

If it is thrush she will need an anti fungal cream like canesten but best to get a proper diagnosis.

They can get thrush as a side effect from taking antibiotics.
you can try a little bit of natural yoghurt to stop the itching. If you can get her to eat some of it as well it will help her gut.
If she has a high sugar/yeast diet that creates a great environment for that bacteria to flourish and like the pp said, antibiotics can cause it. Its basically an unbalance of the system. Probiotics may help as well. The canesten may clear it up, however you will need to look at why she has it to clear it up completely. Otherwise it will just keep reoccurring and canesten will become ineffective.

All the best!
also you can get thrush in your mouth and nipples as well (for mums) make sure she keeps her hands out of her nappy!
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