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rash 14mth girl Lock Rss

I have a 14mth old girl who has a red rash on the top of her pubic area and does not seem to be going away. I have stopped using nappy wipes to clean her and going through buckets of bepanthen. It does not seem to bother her. She also has a slight nappy rash too. I know she is teething to add to the pleasure.I will take her to the doctor if it does not clear up. Any ideas would be most welcome!
hi, my 1 year old had the same thing. we used a cream called desitin, you can get it at most chemists. it cleared right up after using this.
Could be thrush or excema. Probably best to take her to the dr to get some good prescription ointment to clear it up fast. I find that the over-the-counter ones dont work as well.

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