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day care for severe eczema sufferers Rss

i am looking for a day care or pre school in the greystanes area of sydney my son cannot go near carpets or soft furnishings ect. as he is allergic to dust mites can anyone help me .He needs to get out with other kids.
My son is the same although his eczema hasn't been narrowed down to a specific allergy - BUT it is definitely worse after being at daycare (we live in Cairns). Personally I think it's dustmites and whole milk that sets him off.

If you can't find a centre, how about family daycare? Not sure what it's called in NSW...

The other thing about a daycare centre is that you can always work with them to make a care plan so that he doesn't sit on the carpet etc, etc. They're usually pretty helpful in that respect.

Good luck.


QLD Mum of 5

Hi jrg88, cant help with giving you a centre name, but i think most will want to help do the right thing by your kid. My daughter had to learn that she couldn't go in the sand pit as it would upset her eczema. If you wanted to supply your own linen as washing detergents can be a factor. Do you regularly dose your son with an anti-histamine?

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