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Panadol Vs Nurofen for teething, fever & general pain Rss

Hi All,

I am nearly thru my first bottle of baby Panadol, and was thinking of trying Nurofen for kids. Any opinions on which is best? Thought the Nurofen may work quicker as I find the adult tablets etc. do.

I can count on both hands how many times I'v had to use it with DD, and it has been good, but it pays to try other brands I guess.

Also, I read a great tip fpr teething bubs: rubs some panadol or nurfon directly on the gums! Thats smart thinking!!
I use nurofen only because it comes in an orange flavour (the kids all hated panadol) but now we use dymadon(paracetamol) because it also comes in orange. I dont think i have noticed that one is better than the other in relieving the pain.
I personally found panadol better for my son as he had an allergic reaction to Nurofen. After having it one night he woke up the next morning vomitting straight after his bottle and then a couple of times after that - he was 7 months old at the time. At the hospital they confirmed that he had an allergic reaction as he had reflux and still has so no nurofen just panadol for him and I agree that Dimetapp works better than Demazin.

Mum to Bub

I prefer using nurofen only because the panadole just seems to do nothing for my boy and he just sucks the nurofen out of the seringe, i have to really hold him down for him to take the panadol.

HI I have used both Dymadon and Nurofen and have found that Dymodon is better for Jess I have a friend that is a nurse and has Recommended using anything other than Nurofen is better for Babys as Nurofen even for children can damage the liver and cause other health problems.

I went to the chemist on the weekend and was told by the staff that if Dymodon or Panadol will not give relief you can use Nurofen 2 hours after giving paracetomol as there is a anti inflamatory in Nurofen which will help with teething

I spose at the end of the day it is your choise but you have to way up the pros ans cons
I do not use Nurofen anymore as I don't want to risk Jess have any troubles

Have fun Deb and Jess

In the beginning I use to use panodol for my daughter but in the end it wasnt working and it help her that much so I change to nurofen and that has helps us abit and give a break for awhile and I use got told that when you see your bubs sucking their fingers where it is sore stick your fingers in their mouth and put down on the gems but gentle that will help to break the gems so the teeth can came thought easier.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi, we use both. If it is for a cold we start with the panadol and after 4 hours we give nurofen then vise versa. With the teething we use the brand Brauer Teething Relief and if really bad we give her panadol. We find the with our DD the panadol works better and gives her better relief than the nurofen but my brothers kids it is reverse. I guess it is all trial and I what works best for your baby. I do recommend the Teething Relief though it is fantastic.
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