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Frequent high body temperature Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Just wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone..

My 16mths old son gets a temperature quiet often, averages just about every 3-4weeks. His body feels warm and the temperature ranges between 37.5c - 38.5c, nothing over 40 and it goes on for a few days. He's generally happy, doesn't look sick or lethargic while having a temperature. Any ideas why that is? Thanks
Akina would often get a temp with no other obvious signs of illness. I got the its teething but I also think her body might have just been fighting off some bug before it got hold. You know how you wake up and feel a scrathcy throat but nothing happens. You get all excited you get a day off work (previous life) and then nothing.
Sometimes when she has been swimming in a heated pool or spa she stays really hot for the rest of the day. Have no idea about that one???
no solutions here but it has happened to someone else.


hi my 15 month is the same but more othen at least once a week normaly the day he goes off to kindy it last a day or two his happy as playing not upset at all he does get a lot of throat and ear infections so almost every 3 weeks he is on antibiotics but he is starting to cut quite a few teeth so iam putting it down to that
good luck


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