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2.5 year old not talking yet Lock Rss

Hi, my boy is 2.5 years old and isn't talking as yet. He makes lots of sounds and communicates well by pointing and gestures. Anyone in a similar situation with their toddlers? Love to hear from you.

Mum to Bub

Hello i am in the same situation as you my boy is 2.4 years old and does the same signals as your boy
i went to the doctors today and he told me top get his hearing tested then see a speach thepist so i came staght home and made the appointments i really hope Daniel my boy starts talking soon he is so behind other kids his age in speach devolpment

I also think it is my folt because i dident take his dummy away sooner

Hayley 27/10/00, Daniel 17/11/03, Emily 09/11/05

I just thought I'd mention there's a similar post with the title "speech".
I have replied in that one as I'm soooooooo in the same boat!
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