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daughters weght Lock Rss

my daughters 2yrs old n weighs over 20kgs.It's not like she eats much n shes fairly active but she just keeps puttin the weight on. i was just wonderin wat i could do 2 help her lose some?. N if it could b bcoz i give her a lot of cordial bottles durin the day?. Thanx

Kye-lee 18/11/2003 & Lyla 8/3/2006

it could be the cordial, it has alot of sugar in it, having it in a bottle is also bad for her teeth, I'm not trying to sound judgemental or anything but maybe you could try giving water in the bottle and offer juice in a cup but not as often and make sure she eats healthy food (which I'm sure you do anyway).

We go to music and movement, not sure if you have it over there but its great to get the littilies dancing and moving. If shes fairly active thats a good sign that she is pretty healthy, its when they get lethargic and out of breath often that you need to worry but maybe you need to see a doctor incase its something else medicaly thats making her put on weight.

hope all is well and keep us informed.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

why dont you write down everything she eats and the amount of activity she do for a week then take that to our health nurse and say well this is what i giver her why is she like this and she might be able to give you some idea as my daughter wouldnt put on any weight she is 4 next month and is just over 12 kilos

mum to 3

My twins are 2 1/2-the girl weighs 10kg and the boy weighs 12kg, my 7 year old weighs 22kg. I think its very hard to say if they are over weight or under weight. My little girl eats heaps mire than her twin brother but she is 2kg heavier than her. I think it depends on their bone structure and their build.
I agree with some of the other posts by keeping a diary. My little boy has some food allergies-especially chocolate with his ezcema-when he eats too much-thanks to easter time!!!!!- he actually gets bigger in a few days but it goes away after a few days. Some food additives do it to. I have to keep a diary on his food intake-but i alo have to write how he is-like wingy or happy, if he looks 'fat' in the faceand his bowel motions-runny etc. It wouldnt hurt to give it a go. I would also have no like chips or many biscults and stick with like fruit and yougurt for snacks. Saltanas are also a god snack-and they love eating them from the box!!!!
Does she drink heaps and heaps-because if she does-a sugar test might be an idea-i dont want to worry or anything but its properly fine but it wouldnt hurt to check. Hope everything goes well.
Have fun!!!

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

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