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How old is too old for a dummy?
My son is 2 and half, he has a dummy for sleeping and if we are travelling or if he is sick.
He loves it and he goes straight to sleep, when he has it. but he might be getting too old, what do you think?

mum of 4


I think in the end its up to you to decide how old is too old.

My daughter is 3 years and 2 months and she still has a dummy. She can go without it all day if we want her too. She mainly needs it to get off to sleep. I have been thinking about it because she will be going to Kindy next year but because she can go all day without it, im not overly concerned about taking it off her just yet.

Obviously i wont let her get to 5 and still have it but right now i dont see its a problem.

Kristi 5 kids.

It should really depend on you and your child. We took the Dummy off our 2yr old in mid feb and she is still crying for it. I had so many people tell me after 3 days she will be fine but she still cries at night and during the day for it. She loved her dummy but I felt she was getting to dependant on. She used to only have it for bed then after Xmas they started to go missing by morning. Later in the day I would find her play in the yard or watching TV with it in her mouth. I know I did the right thing but it is hard to listen to her cry for one thing she loved most.
I hope for your sake your son will be braver or give it up willingly.
I would not take it from him if you are travelling soon or if he is sick, it may make it harder for him to understand.
Best of Luck


My daughter, who is 21 months old, has a soft toy whose tail she sucks to go to sleep. It stays in the cot except for its weekly wash ( it gets quite stinky!!!!). I don't care if she sucks it until she is forty! It is only in her cot and is her comfort. It's entirely up to you but if it isn't causing you any grief, I wouldn't worry. They are small for such a short time, and I am sure he won't be taking the dummy to bed when he is 16.
Alyssa's Mum

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

My son has still got his dummy just for bed at night never throughout the day we are in the process of taking it off him though but e only just about 1 1/2 ago took his musical aquarium out of his room that went perfect didnt affect him at all he had had since the first day he came home from hospital so i was worried he would not get use to not hearing music but he did i was so shocked any way so we are next month going to do the same with the dummy fingers crossed it goes well.

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

hi DDanielle,
my son is 2 and a half, too and he loves his dummy also, and goes straight to sleep also, he only has it for sleeping, I've said to him about trowing it out but , he wont? does anyone have any ideas for getting rid of dummys?

rachel,sa mum of darien 8, lucas 2

hi danielle my son is 2 and 6 months i think no more then 3 that fine ive work in child care for 13 years and ive seen 4 and 5 with them to old at xmas my son dummy going to santa plus no dummy in there month he talk more when in the month dont talk at all that why its going xmas time let me know how you go with your son dummy ok lisa
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