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Hi there

Just wanting to know if any body knows wat i should do next.

My daughter is allergic to dairy products and is on soy milk for bottles. She is 16months old and still has 3 bottles a day, but i am getting worried about how much calcium she is getting. She refuses to eat soy cheese and soy yoghurt and i cant think of many other things to give her to get the calcium. This is why i am a bit reluctant to give any of the bottles up.

If any body can help that would be great

Have you tried Soy vanilla custard? It is beautiful. Broccoli has calcium.

Does soy have calcium?

How about tofu??
My 7 year old was found to be milk intolerant at 4 months old. She had soy milk ( i went on a soy diet so i could still breast feed) When she was on solids, he ate soy yougurt and custard. She isnt milk intolerant any more but she still has soy milk-she doesnt like 'real' milk as she calls it. Put some fruit into the yougurt and custard. Cut up the fruit and let her dip it into the yougurt-they think its great!!! Use it for her snacks. My 7 year old has always got plenty of calcium. Your little one will be fine!!!

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

hi there i havent been online for a while the computer has been broken. a few things have changed with heidi and her allergies. first thing is he dairy allergies have x3 now from her recent blood test and so has the staple food mix.
We have also found that heidi is allergic to soy milk now so this means now she has rice milk. she is nearly 2 and still having 2-3 cups of milk per day.
We are going to perth in 3 weeks to see some specialists so i hope they help me with her allergies.

I will let you know how we go
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