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hello, my 13 month old has a small hernia above her belly button, have been to the doctor and are waiting on an appointment to see a pead, still waking alot during the night and thought maybe it could be causing her pain as some can. she is fine in the day, just wondering if anyone else has had this with their babies thanks
Hi, My son whos almost 3 has had 2 hernias fixed, one in the groin and the other was an umbilical hernia (belly button). He had the belly button one since birth and it never cause him discomfort that we knew of anyway, unlike the groin one, that caused him major discomfort.

THe surgery to remove them both was so quick and within 2 days he was up running around again. 7 mths down the track you cant tell he had surgery on his belly button (no scars at all) and he has a very small faint scar where his groin one was fixed.

The paed was never worried about his belly button one, they expected it to fix itself by the time he turned 5, however the groin one wouldnt so we had to get it operated on, so they did both.

Good luck xx

I have a 2 year old now!!

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