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small for her weight,,,, Lock Rss

My twin daughter Sierra is 11mths old, shes small for her weight, She eats a good breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea everyday but she still looks like a new born, shes just started to sit up unaided with me behind her shes very long in body wise in size 0 and some 1s but they swim off her little body around the waist. Her fluid is me and a bottle of milk before she goes to bed and sometimes water or watered down juice in between.
Any sugestions??

suzanne, vic, twins nearly 1

just high fat diet with protein
my son is almost 4 rs old and still on 10 kg being in a size 1.
he is on the above diet plus high fibre cos of another condition.
have u tried farax in her bottle too give her extra calories.
other wise there is a product u can get from the chemist which is call pediasure, like sustigen but for young kids. hae a talk to ur chemist/gp/ pediatrican and c what they think b 4 u go ahead
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