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PainStop (Analgesic syrup) Lock Rss

Hi All!
DS is recovering from an op., and is having a few uncomfortable moments especially at night. The pharmacist recommended using a night-time analgesic syrup called PainStop (in conjunction with a reduced dose of childrens panadol). Has anyone used this product before? I'm curious as to how effective you found it (having never heard of it myself)

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

My son has constant ear infections. He is in so much pain with them he throws up. I was advised by my dr to give him Painstop - I had not heard of it before either. Within an hour of giving it to him his pain had subsided and he was on his way back to his normal bubbly self. I totally recommend it although it doesn't taste very nice so it is hard to administer. But it has got paracelamol (spelling??) in it so it can be used in conjunction with Nurofen but NOT Panadol - my dr told me this.

Hope this helps.
I agree with Louise. My Dr also told me that Nurofen and Painstop can be given together as can Panadol and Nurofen. I find that Nurofen works better than Panadol anyway!

Anyway, I gave Mia Painstop (night time one) when she was teething (getting molars at 12 mths!) on the advice from the Dr and he told me to give 1/4 of a ml. It sent her CRAZY!!! She went from a very unhappy, grizzling monster to an out of control, zoom around the floor, giggling monster!!! So for us it doesn't 'knock her out' but does the exact opposite!

On the other hand, my sister swears by it. She uses it for her 18 mth old and it knocks her little one off her feet and she sleeps really well. (My niece has problems with ear infections). I don't even think she uses Nurofen anymore as she is bit like me and only 'drugs' when absolutely necessary!

Not sure if i helped or not???? Good luck and hope DS is feeling better soon!

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