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hi my daughter is 19months and she only says about 10words and only 4clearly she speaks in the back of her throat. the child health nurse has referd her to a speech therapy.she also has turners syndrome which i still dont know if that affects speech because i cant get a straight answer anywhere. Is anyone else got the same problem?

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

Not sure if I will be much help and I really don't know what Turner's syndrome is. However, I was really worried about my daughters speech - she is 21 months - as she only says a few words clearly. Most only I can understand and they usually have first or last letters missing or are complete gobbldegook but because they relate to the same thing all the time, I know what they mean ( for example "Piglet" is pu and Eeyore is "Nnor"). I spoke to my GP, who used to work at the Children's Hospital and she said not to worry, they all develop at their own rate. She is also the mum of two young girls. She told me that the words don't have to be clear at this stage. I also spoke to my friend, a mum of four, who took her first to a speech patholigist at two and was told to just let him grow up. There was no problem in the long run.
I sometimes still worry particularly when we mix with other children who speak clearly, but I have had her hearing checked and look at her development in other ways and she is ok. Besides, she would not be able, at this age, to communicate with a specialist so I have resolved to watch her over the next twelve months to see how she progresses.
Good luck.
Alyssa's Mum

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

My DD is 27 months and still doesn't say much clearly (not even mummy - it's more like memmy!)so it has helped to hear I'm probably not alone (I too know the frustration of being around other toddlers who speak clearly).

She seems to be able to only like saying one syllable, for example Dog:Doh, Carrot:Cah, Jump:Juh. And often doesn't say the right letter (D gets used alot at the start of most words)

I too am mostly the only one who can understand her (sometimes even I get stumped).
She uses a bit of sign language to go with it to help me understand, like whenever she says cat (something like"Dah")she moves her hand like a cat and puts her hands on her head like bunny ears for rabbit!

She understands everything I say and is bright in every other way so I'm playing the waiting game. I'm wondering what the point is with the newborn hearing test if it's not to test whether or not they have a hearing problem?

Here's a toast to all us poor mum's who are still waiting for even a two word conversation with our toddlers (and here's sympathy to us when they finally start talking and we'd love them to shut up for 5 seconds grin

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