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Mumps, Measles and Rubella Vaccine Lock Rss

Hi There

I have a 13 month old girl who is due for her MMR. I have decided to give her the shots individually but I have to import the mumps and measles from the uk. Has anyone else had their child immunised seperately for MMR and if so, how long did you wait between each shot? I have been advised to wait one year between each injection which I feel is a long time as this may put the child at risk of catching the diseases. Any thoughts on this topic?


Im a little confused. cant u just get the immunisations from a CHN?
As it is free and they do it all in one? Or is this a vaccine that u a choosing to give your child 'Just in case'. Which isnt a bad idea! But what are really her chances of getting it?
Why do u want to give them too her individually. Sorry! Joel isnt quite one yet. So I guess knowing wouldnt be a bad idea!

2 more sleeps

I'm not exactly sure if I'm talking about the same immunisation but when my DD was due for her 12months immunisations and they said it would be 4 needles. I had the option of having them all at once or 2 and then 2 a week later? I was under the impression they were still all the same shots just given at different times??

I ended up going all at once (I figured if she was going to feel miserable and upset I may as well get it over and done with!!! Where I go for my immunisations they have 2 people doing it so it's done alot quicker)!!

I'm not sure if that was the reason why you were trying to get seperate needles or not but I just thought I'd mention what happened with me. My DD was fime BTW, in fact I had to put bandaids on the spots so I could remember she had them in case she got upset and I forgot!!!

The link between autism and mmr worries me too. My son has had the injection and due to unforseen circumstances (long story) will now have to have it again.


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