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Oh my god ,i woke this morning to find my son covered in a rash,from the back of his knees up to his shoulders.Ive just spent two hours at the doctors for them to tell me to take Demizin,i get to the chemist and he says no not demizin he has no cough cold symptoms try polarimine,so that i did ,it has not helped at all and the rash is now up his neck and on his head,around the ankle joints and is starting to go around his eyes.
He has not eaten anything different ,clothes are washed in the same stuff ive been using for the last 2years.IS IT HIVES ,should i be this stressed,what else could it be ?

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

Maybe go to another Dr tomorrow....

I would want a better answer than that.

I dont mean to be scary but some rashes can be a bit more serious than others.

Please let me know how you go.

i get hives its also called urcitaria. it can be caused by different things but i get mine from a quick temperature change such as being in a heated car to jumping out into the cold air. that sort of thing.

what exactly does the rash look like? when you have hives generally the rash starts with red blotches then when it gets really bad the blotches can gave raised lumps or welts on them. and the rash can make you extremely itchy and hot. and it usually goes away after a few hours and is treated with histamine tablets just like the ones you buy for hayfever.

i usually get them on my neck, shoulders, upper arms, chest and my thighs.

but i've been told that i gotta be careful coz if it gets bad enough it can get to the stage where it can close the throat and you cant breathe. but i dont think mine will ever get that bad. they never have so far and i've had hives for about 10 years. they just came out of the blue one day, dont know why.

could you go to your doctor and have him write you a referral letter to a skin doctor or a dermatologist? if its a skin condition then they would know what it is. only thing is they charge a bit to see them although you can get some of it back on medicare.

i think you should go back to your doctor or go to another doctor, coz if your worried you shouldnt just think oh it;ll go away, you should have it looked at.

i am not a doctor, dont rely on my information for a medical diagnosis. i am just listing my symptoms of my hives that i have been diagnosed by a doctor as having.
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