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  5. 18mth old has to have orthotics.......Anyone else in the same boat??

18mth old has to have orthotics.......Anyone else in the same boat?? Lock Rss

Hi, i found out last week that my 18mth DD has to have orthotics, when she walks her feet roll in and the left side is the worse when she walks her ankle almost touches the ground, the peads piodrisit (sp?) was very surprised she is walking she said normally children dont start walking til around 18mths with this problem she has walked since she was 12mths, when the orthotics arrive she will have to wear shoes every waking moment and will need to for the rest of her life, she has lost soft tissue in her feet and muscle tone aswell her hips are out of allignment aswell. And she mentioned physio. Has anyone else had this problem with their child?? Did physio help and how are they now?
Any advice would be great.
My son is 16mths, he started walking at 9.5mths. I'm not sure if he has the same problem but we're waiting to see the specialist in 3weeks time.
I know that one leg is long than the other and that the long leg isn't sitting in his hip properly (but I was told this isn't Hip Dyslia (?spelling). He walks with his toes inwards facing and has alot of trouble walkin in shoes.

I'm very worried about what they're going to say. I would almost be happy with orthotics because some people i've spoken to have said he might need to be in traction - in hospital for 4-6weeks. (I can't think of much worse)

How is your DD coping with the new shoes? is it getting better?

Sorry I know I don't have any advice but it sounds like we might have simular problems

Hi Vicki,

Sorry about ur situation with ur wee fella, The orthotics havnt arrived yet but am hoping they do soon as she gets abit of pain when walking now, but they have told me that she will always be like this and it can never be fixed, i hope you get good news for ur son and that he doesnt need traction, please keep me posted i proberly wont be able to offer any advice but im here to talk to.
Hi again,

Well we saw the specialist last week and everything is ok with his hips but we're having another round of xrays (feet/ankles/legs) to see if there's anything wrong there and seeing another specialist in march. Most likely treatment will be something around shoes either one having built up hieght or orthotics.
Hi again,
Just wanted to update.
We saw the specialist today and came home with a leg brace which needs to be worn while he's asleep. Turns out that he damaged the bones in his leg because he walked so young.
The brace is basically a pair of shoes held together by a metal bar so that they are held in the correct position. Probably need them for 6mths.
If it doesn't work it will be surgery to reset the bones.

He's not going to like having it on but i'm sure after a week or so we'll all be used to it.

He may still need orthotics after the treatment, just depends on how it goes.
Hi Sam, my 17 month old son wears Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO's). When he was born, his feet pointed down and curved in (much like bub's with clubfoot/tallipes). He spent 6 months in plaster to get his feet in the correct position for the AFO's. Without them, his feet would go back the way were. My son wears them all the time, I only give him time out of them after he has a bath (usually about an hour) that way I check to make sure he has no pressure sores. He has to wear shoes over top as well otherwise he wouldn't be able to walk as the AFO's are shiny plastic, they slip on the floor. OF course when he is asleep he doesn't wear shoes over the top. If you have ANY queries, feel free to pm me.
i don't but i have to take my 18mth old to have hip xrays as she is not walking yet( well not by herself, is around furniture but can't get to stand up by herself without holding onto something) we thought she was just being lazy as she has 2 older sisters. her right foot is pointing outwards almost 90 deg but her ankle wants to roll inwards. he had a deel of her hips as well and said she needs to be checked for slipped cappital femoral epiphysis, but i have read that this is more common in older kids around puberty. has anyone else dealt with this????

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