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Need Help with eating for my 3 year old ? Rss

Hello, my son is 3 and only eats honey and butter on bread. All day long. No meat, no vegetables, no fruit l have tried many times. Can anyone help me please. I don't know what to do?

[Edited on 22/12/2009]
Stop giving it to him and offer other foods, if he refuses so be it but persist and eventually he'll get the message that the only meal is not honey and bread. I think there is more to your story but without knowing its hard to give advice.
i agree, as hard as it is if you dont give it to him and offer other foods eventually he will get hungry enough to eat it, he might miss out on a few meals but in the long run it will be worth it, if not maybe look in to a dietation (sp?) they might be able to give u some ideas.

Also maybe you could try putting some honey on his vegies and meat then gradually add less and less, vegies and meat with honey is still better then none at all.

Hope this helps a little bit, good luck!!
hide the honey say you don't have any and he has to have something else.

i know a lady who's son only eats white bread and marmite. rice and chicken nuggets... No lie he is now like 12 and if they go out to eat she takes marimite and bread with her its crazy.........

serve him up what ever you are having and sit around the table and chat away like nothing is wrong and if he has a crying fit. ask him if he has finished and he can get down from the table but that is what you are having for dinner/lunch or whatever.

three year olds are very intelligent they know how to put the buttons of us...... good luck....

I agree with the others, you need to stop giving him the honey. It will be hard in the short time, but kids will not continue to go without food if they are generally hungry. I try to make food fun for my 3 year old. One day she didn't want to eat her banana, so I chipped it up, added a side dish of yoghurt, and one of rice bubbles - it became fun to dip and crunch! Get creative, you'll be amazed what they'll eat if it seems fun.
The PP makes a very good point, my DD decided not to eat her usual fruit... so I chopped it up and put it in a serving plate with 3 sections (so 3 different sorts of fruit) and put a toothpick with a cellophane tip in a piece of fruit in each section and low and behold she ate the lot... cause it was fun picking up the pieces with a coloured toothpick.
It's hard but stop giving him the bread and honey all day long. They will not starve themselves.

I found with DD's (18 months) fussy eating I gave her a small serving of her fav food eg. tomatoes and served them along with something new. I introduced something new every time and for a couple of days she ate tomatoes (she eats other stuff but just as an example) and tried to new things on her plate. I got her down from high chair when she said she was finished and then she had to wait until next meal or snack time and she eventually realised that if she didn't eat she went hungry.

I don't force her to eat because I found she grazes anyway. As long as it's good food, fruit and veg in between meals DH and I are flexible in that respect.

Good luck!!

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