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Nappy Rash Rss

My 21mth old son has quite bad nappy rash at the moment and I was hoping someone could give me some ideas to get rid of it.
He has had it for about 2wks I use zinc and Caster oil, have tried their cream for their ezema. He also goes out of nappies and into underpants or nothing.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I swear by Amolin to clear up DS's nappy rash..
Might be worth getting an anti-fungal cream also? It might not simply be nappy rash?
Thanks we are going to take him to the doctor early next week and see what they say

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Paw Paw ointment, it is excellent and it's natural! just go to chemist or near health food section in supermarket, it's in a red pot, useful for lots of other ailments too!! for a pretty bad rash it may take about 3 days to clear using pawpaw ointment.
[Edited on 28/01/2010]

If it's being hanging around that long and not responding to normal zinc treatments it's best to get a GP to have a look. My DS has stubborn nappy rash once that I just couldn't get rid of and the GP diagnosed it as a fungal infection (it was very red with little spots).
I found the best cream for normal nappy rash is Sudocrem and Daktozin nappy rash cream for any nappy rash that looks fungal.

Good luck, I hope your DS feels better soon smile

All three of my girls had terrible nappy rash to the point there skin would crack and bleed, then a nurse put me on to Calmosepine, they use it on patients in the hospitals. you can buy it from any chemist for about $11.00 for a tube, it is very thick and you only need a little. But I swear buy it!!
Bepanthen works well, i tried this after few other creams and found this was the best,hav been using since then.
I swear by Vaseline. It coats the affected area and doesn't allow any more acid (from poos and wees) onto the rash therefore clearing it more quickly.

Used Vaseline with both my children and worked a treat. Good luck, it's not nice seeing them with red bottoms!

I to have been onto calmosepine. It is a zinc base with a cooling agent.
Oh I only use facewashers instead of wipes they are more gentle!
I swear by Daktozin. Its an anti fungus cream thats zinc based. So you dont need to use two different creams. It also stays on well and its nice and thick.
I tried all the other mentioned creams over time and this one we found the best. It clears it up within a couple of days and really soothes the pain and discomfort.
All the other creams and ointments would work sometimes but not others and this one I have found to be very trustworthy!
I chose Vaseline because there are no added chemical agents in it. The zinc based creams definately do work quickly however Vaseline is safer and may take a day more or 2 to heal.

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