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Inappropriate attention by strangers???? Lock Rss

Whenever I go out to the shops, or in public generally, my little 22 month old son gets a lot of attention from strangers. Old men, old women, shop keepers, you name it. I am fine with them smiling and talking with him as long as he is directly with me, but often (especially the older crowd) tickle his tummy or pinch his cheeks, which makes me a little uneasy, but I dont say anything. An employee at Woolies, who obviously knew me from shopping too much, but I didnt recognise her at all, even gave him a kiss on the forehead, which I did not like, but instead of saying anything, I now just avoid her whenever I go in there. What can you say to people when they give this kind of attention to a little boy they dont know? Am I overreacting? One of my greatest fears in life is my little boy being kiddnapped or abducted, and I could never forgive myself if one of these seemingly innocent encounters with these strangers resulted in something bad happening to him. He is a very friendly child and, as a shy person myself, I also dont want to make him scared of talking with new people either. What can I do??
we get the same, but i think it is just more that generation of people who don't think there is anything wrong with it. i had a lady try to give DS a sample of bread from the bakers when he wasn't even old enough to eat solids yet!!! of course i did say to her not to give it to him. but the cheek squeezing and touching his hands etc is annoying. who knows if they washed their hands the last time they went to the loo/picked their nose or whatever!!! ewwww

i think it is just something that we have to put up with unless you want to put one of those stroller sun shade covers over the stroller lol!!! once he gets older i think the attention will die down a bit, they just love little kids. i think it is pretty innocent though, so i try not to get too annoyed and just smile at them and walk away.

We have had this as well, but more when DS was little(he's 20months now). It is tough as you don't want to be rude and you don't want your kids to be afraid of people. I am happy to make chit chat with people at shops as most people love little kids but have come across people who just don't seem to understand boundaries. When this happens I never really now what to say usually because it happens so quick that I am in shock. When DS was only a couple of months a target employee who was helping thought that she would kiss his feet, I didn't know what to do, but didn't say anything. I tend to find being on the defensive is the best method of prevention. If someone is being too friendly I get DS to wave bye bye and we go. It sends a clear message that the interaction is over but is more cute than awkward.

I always find it amazing how many people (strangers) ask to hold him but I always say he doesn't like being held (which isn't true but easier).
I remember when my eldest was a baby, I was waiting for the bus , with him on one arm and folded up pram in the other, a lady who was also waiting offered me some help, I accepted , thinking she would carry the pram on for me(like everyone else who ever offered help) , anyway when the bus got there she tried to take my son out of my arms, I held on to him tight and told her "no, I will take him on the bus" she kept hold of him and continued to pull him out of my arms. I was so scared and upset at what this woman was doing I thought she was going to take off with him, I kept telling her NO I will take him and had to walk backwards until she let go. The bus driver who saw all of this kindly put the pram on the bus for me.... the nerve of some people sad

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